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Csíkszereda, 2018. április 8. Lepecsételt szavazólapok a csíkszeredai magyar fõkonzulátuson az országgyûlési képviselõ-választáson 2018. április 8-án. MTI Fotó: Veres Nándor

Leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) will challenge the result of the vote on political party lists in the recent parliamentary election at the Kúria, Hungary’s supreme court, citing election fraud, and demand a repeat of the nationwide vote “under European control”.

Speaking at a press conference in Budapest on Saturday, Sándor Rónai, the opposition party’s deputy spokesman, said the National Election Office (NVI) had accepted the final result of the party list vote even though it had been found that the votes cast on opposition party lists had “vanished” in several constituencies.

Rónai said opposition parties had received zero votes on party lists in several constituencies where voters cast up to hundreds of votes for individual candidates of those parties.

As a “typical example of fraud” he mentioned that László Varjú, DK’s candidate in a northern Budapest district, received 244 votes but no votes were cast on the party’s list in the same constituency.

Since the governing Fidesz party alone is not affected by “vanishing votes”, these cases cannot be treated as accidental mistakes, he insisted.

Rónai said

the election was “not only not free and fair” but it also raises the suspicion of a “systemic, nationwide election fraud”.

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