Budapest, September 13 (MTI) – A demonstrations against the government’s migration policies started in central Budapest on Sunday.


Participants of the demonstration, organised by the opposition Egyutt (Together) party, marched to parliament square under the slogan “Shame on you, Orban!”.

Peter Juhasz, Egyutt’s deputy leader, said Prime Minister Viktor Orban has tarnished Hungary’s reputation abroad with his “barbaric policies”. The demonstration was to show that Hungarian people are humanitarian and to express solidarity with the refugees.

Several thousand people joined the demonstration march by 4.30pm at the gathering point of Szabad Sajto (Freedom of Press) street, MTI’s correspondent said from the site.

Democratic Coalition

The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition is calling on families to “let go of their fear of refugees” and open their hearts, DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany said at a rally on Sunday.

“The government will only behave the way it does as long as it thinks that the majority is full of fear,” Gyurcsany said. “But when they see that the majority wants to open up the country, they must change their tune or take a fall,” he added.

He said Hungary cannot solve this problem alone and that Viktor Orban did not understand this. “The prime minister does not see that insisting on national sovereignty does not work in this case,” only close cooperation with others, he said. At the same time EU secret service forces should be joined in clamping down on human smuggling, he added.

He criticised the laws on migration which will come into effect on Tuesday and said everyone “helping these people” could become a criminal. “If so, let Hungary be the country of ten million criminals,” he said.

DK will not let results in opinion polls guide them on this issue, he said. There should be no fear towards refugees; “we shouldn’t fear if maybe one million Muslims arrive in a Europe of 500 million,” he said.

Photo: MTI


  1. subhuman bolshevist traitors of Hungary and Europe! we have these same kind of brainwashed degenerates here in Finland too that want to destroy their own country!

  2. Why is it that these people cannot see what is happening? It is the violation of the rights of the great majority of European citizens by this tsunami not the violation of the rights of these so called migrants. Orban is correct they have passed from a safe country in Turkey to Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary onto Germany. They are for the most part economic migrants whose manners and attitude are appalling. Wake up European politicians.

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