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Lajos Kepli, lawmaker of Jobbik who suggested to abolish daylight saving time in Hungary.

Jobbik has vowed to set up an independent environment portfolio and strengthen authorities dealing with environmental protection if elected in April.

Outlining his party’s environmental policy plans on Monday, Jobbik lawmaker Lajos Kepli said that if voted into power, a Jobbik government would establish a ministry of natural resources which would consolidate all environment-related competencies under one roof.

The ministry would also deal with ground, water and air protection and their sustainable usage, he added.

Kepli said the government had been watering down environmental protection since 2010. Spending on the pollution measures has been reduced, and the list of regulated areas is getting shorter. He said environment authorities had been reduced to “permit-issuing departments” responsible for greenlighting the implementation of investment projects under government pressure.

He named waste management, air quality and energy as areas that would be better managed under a Jobbik government.

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Source: MTI

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