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The policies of Hungary’s incumbent government “jeopardise” the country’s chances to become “part of a renewed and social Europe”, Gergely Karácsony, the prime ministerial candidate of the Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance, said after meeting diplomats in Budapest on Wednesday.

Karácsony insisted that the government’s policies were “creating a war situation in the EU” and said that the community could cut funding for the country because of its “non-transparent bids involving huge risks of corruption”.

He pledged that under his premiership Hungary would join the European Prosecutor’s Office with no delay and his government would “do every possible step to distribute community funds in a transparent way and ensuring that they reach voters”. He added that EU funds would be spent on human resources, health and welfare if his party alliance won the upcoming election.

Karácsony rejected “false and completely baseless” accusations that the opposition is working to turn Hungary into a migrant haven. He said his government would not support mandatory migrant quotas but it would contribute to a European solution to the migrant problem through, for example, strengthening border protection. He added that Hungary was not suffering from a migration pressure; “nobody wants to immigrate, people rather seek to emigrate from this country.”

Karácsony was asked about press reports saying that a staff of some 2,000 are currently working to implement the “Soros plan” in Hungary.

He said he had not heard the footage mentioned in the reports, and insisted that there was “no Soros Plan in Hungary”. Hungary has an “Orbán Plan to drive the country out of the EU,” he added.

Fidesz said in reaction that it was Karácsony and “the rest of the Soros candidates” who were a threat to Hungary, insisting that they intended to turn Hungary into an “immigrant country”.

“Karácsony was lobbying Soros’s reliable allies even in Brussels,” Fidesz said in a statement. The party said Karácsony was lobbying politicians “who have in the past criticised Hungary’s migration policy and border fence and urged the implementation of the quota scheme”. Fidesz said the politicians in question “see Karácsony and the opposition as allies” in their goals.

Source: MTI

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