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An electric scooter on the streets of San Francisco

An American transportation company’s fantastic scooter sharing service might appear in the Hungarian capital city. The news of launching the service is not official yet, but there were 2 Lime scooters seen in front of a house in Buda.

According to g7.hu’s information, scooters by American company Lime might be soon appearing in the streets of Budapest, since two scooters were left on the streets in front of a house. G7.hu attended to reach Lime’s European Head Office. What they found out was that the company aims to expand its service in Europe. However, there is no official information about the company’s Budapest launch yet. For those interested in an electric scooter guide, refer to ScooterAdviser. They review a few of the best scooter brands and models on the market today.

The company originates from San Francisco, where it was started exactly 2 years ago, by the company Neutron Holdings Inc. In a short time, it got successful in numerous other American cities, in New Zealand and Australia, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and in 23 European countries. The original services were a typical bike sharing service, then electric bike, and now electric scooter. Since Budapest is already operating Donkey RepublicMOL Bubi bikes and MOL electronic car sharing, there would be no more need for bikes, but for scooters: yes.

Scooters can go up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) for 60 km (37 miles). In the United States, to unlock a scooter you pay $1 and for every minute of use 15 cents.

There are no parking spots for the scooters like for MOL Bubi bicycles, therefore it was a huge problem in the city of San Francisco that most of the users left the scooters on the streets. The city halls of San Francisco and Berlin demanded scooter parking-place regulations in the city. Instead, the company pays commission to people, who pick up unused scooters and charge them up at charging points.

Featured image: pixabay.com

Source: g7.hu

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  1. Here in Brussels people abandon their scooter everywhere ! Try to educate users or beautiful Budapest will end up like Brussels.

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