Photo: MTI

Budapest, February 5 (MTI) – The office of Budapest’s chief prosecutor has pressed charges against eleven individuals for embezzlement, fraud and other offences related to the failure of brokerage Quaestor, chief prosecutor Tibor Ibolya said on Friday.

According to the 1,548-page indictment Csaba Tarsoly and his associates created and ran a criminal organisation in the form of the Quaestor group from 2007 with the primary goal of taking money and securities from investors.

The investigation of the case is still ongoing and the prosecutor’s office is waiting for legal assistance from abroad, but the chief prosecutor is “already 99.9 percent sure” that money laundering charges will be pressed as well.

Quaestor failed last year after it was found to have sold some 150 billion forints (EUR 483.5m) of unsanctioned bonds.


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