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In the European Parliament (EP) elections, European Union citizens resident in Hungary may vote for Hungarian party lists.

The National Election Office has informed the citizens concerned that they may apply to register in Hungary by May 10.

In Hungary, elections can only be held on Sunday, so

the EP vote is expected to be held on May 26.

Almost 113,000 EU citizens residing in Hungary have already informed the election office of their intention to vote in Hungary in the EP elections instead of their home country.

EU citizens in Hungary have been informed in English, German and French that if they want to vote for a Hungarian party list, they may register in person or by letter at their local electoral office.

The application can also be submitted online at

Source: MTI

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  1. Brussels, reason why they e.g. kept their own currency. In the end, the increasingly brutal power struggles of Brussels went too far for them. In addition to the Brexit, there are many other clear signs that the common people are rebelling against the coercion and domination from Brussels: the ‘populist’ Lega / M5S government in Italy, the converging Eastern European countries of the Visegrad group , the Gele Hesjes and in our own country the PVV and the FvD, which together in the polls are already at 35 seats.
    EU has long tradition of ignoring democracy
    The Eurocratic elite now seem to slowly come to the realization that identity, sovereignty and nationality are not simply outright concepts, but are closely intertwined with deep-rooted emotions and needs, also resulting from a long, turbulent history in which earlier attempts to reach the European borders to eradicate and unite Europe without exception to oppression and mass bloodshed. The resistance against the EU rulers in Brussels will no longer disappear, but will become stronger as the European peoples are forced to become one ‘Reich’ with increasingly strict measures. Overdone? Then consider what Yanis Varoufakis, in the 1st half of 2015 Minister of Finance, wrote about the ‘negotiations’ with the EU about the conditions of yet another ‘bailout’ package: When (the German Minister of Finance) Schäuble welcomed me- With his ‘it is my mandate against yours’ doctrine, he thereby honored a long EU tradition of ignoring democratic mandates, while acting on behalf as if they were respected.
    No citizen in member states can choose anti-Brussels government
    According to the Minister of Finance, his meticulously worked out proposals were immediately swept aside almost literally by the EU. They just stared at me, as if I had not said anything. As if there was no document for them. Their body language clearly stated that they denied the existence of the papers that I had just put before them. This attitude is exactly the same with which Brussels has been approaching the native European peoples for years – with barely disguised contempt and with an ever more open mockery about the concerns and wishes of the citizens. Varoufakis argued that a government elected by the people did not have the mandate of the electorate to turn to the demands of other countries and governments. But while the Brussels officials and political leaders such as Merkel and Schäuble ‘constantly insist on that democratic mandate, according to Varoufakis, they only do’ to secretly change this into something completely different, namely that no voter in any member state would also a government can help the power against Brussels. That this has happened in Great Britain, Hungary and Italy is hopeful. It shows that Europeans can indeed break with the Brussels yoke and that the establishment of the ‘Fourth Reich’ might still be prevented in time so that the current authoritarian EU can be dismantled and can be transformed back into a voluntary agreement with mutually cooperating but otherwise completely independent states that regain control over their own borders, laws and cultures.

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