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The recently announced referendum on Hungary’s child protection law serves to deflect from the fact that the European Union will not send “a single cent” of funding to Hungary “as long as its prime minister is called Viktor Orbán”, the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said.

By rejecting the Hungarian government’s reconstruction plan on Tuesday, the EU had “turned off the money taps”, DK’s MEP Klára Dobrev told a press conference on Wednesday. Other forms of funding could go the same way, as they are subject to the same regulations, she said.

Dobrev insisted that the EU was acting “to protect Hungarians”

and said that “another government and regime are needed to ensure that the funds will end up with Hungarian SMEs, farmers, civil organisations, and local governments.”

According to Dobrev, the prime minister is “acting in despair” and seeks to “cover up reality with pseudo-questions”.

Orbán has initiated a referendum “concerning non-existent problems and non-existent enemies just to avoid having to talk about substantive issues,”

Dobrev said.

“Viktor Orban surveilled his own people using dishonest and unlawful means, and the EU withholds funding so the Hungarian government cannot distribute it among its oligarchs and family members,” she said, referring to press reports on the surveillance of Hungarian journalists and opposition politicians.

The “new government of the republic” after the elections next April will make all data on surveillance public, and will reopen negotiations on EU funding,

she said.

Source: MTI

  1. IF the European Union’s most reviled institutions – the European Commission / European Parliament – refuse to provide Hungary with funding to the tune of about 7 billion euros for Hungary (i.e. promised ‘post-COVID reconstruction funds’) then the Hungarian Government – which WILL be re-elected at next year’s general elections by a HUGE majority – might well REFUSE to :

    1.) provide any money whatsoever toward E.U. projects of any sort (including ‘reconstruction’ and ‘normal’ funds, if the latter is also withheld) since there is NO POINT WHATSOEVER contributing to something from which you are ENTITLED to an agreed ‘share’ and then have that entitlement smashed into a million pieces by E.C. / E.P. members and other similar acerebral single-cell organisms ;

    2.) VETO all attempts by the E.C. / E.P. to ‘impose’ a minimum 15% corporation tax in all E.U. nations ;

    3.) VETO any efforts by Italy (and other E.U. nations) to institute FUTURE so-called ‘rescue funds’;

    4.) have any MEANINGFUL discussions with the E.U. until after “LYING LEYEN”, “ELMER FUDD MICHEL”,
    “DRACULA’S WIFE JOUROVA”, “BENDED KNEES RUTTE” and a host of other ILLEGAL MUSLIM migrant – / ‘alphabet people’- worshipping failed politicians and general no-hopers are TOTALLY REMOVED from all E.U. – affiliated institutions (including the Brussels bureaucracy).

    Hungary – which would have had to repay the E.U. AT LEAST 8 billion euros over a period of 35 years or so IF it received its ‘due share’ – would be then able to borrow whatever funds MIGHT be required to ‘kick-start’ its economy from other sources WITHOUT ‘kowtowing’ to Brussels / E.C. / E.P. and various left-wing radical groups / NGOs.

    What FANTASTIC ways to ‘kick Brussels in the arse’ !

    With any luck, Poland might ALSO join in the fun …..


    The Hungarian government cooperated with as far as it could with the dictator ideologues, however, it should not cede sovereignty. The EU wants to break Hungary but it will not. Hungary should not put up anymore with utterly idiotic Marxist ideas.


  3. The question is very simple: why should the EU, i.e.why should EU taxpayers fund their biggest enemy? That is the point.

  4. I can understand that. You can’t attack the EU all the time and still take their money.

  5. Mario, you are wrong.
    The EU is not funding anything. It is the taxpayers of the whole EU who are giving money to Brussels for them to disperse across EU under the rules of the particular scheme.
    The idea that because some people do not like a PM of one country they can distort the system to prevent that country being given money is so childish.
    Mario, if we accept this principle then money should be withheld from Sweden because the PM there cannot and will not protect Swedish women and girls from rape. Or do these so called “EU values” allow rape?

  6. The headline dos not make sense. Orbán is in power so there is no ‘until’. I think Google translate has failed the writer of this article. The word is ‘while’, not ‘until’.

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