The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on leaders of the European Union to launch an investigation to find out who and for what purpose has been using the Pegasus Israeli spyware in recent years, DK’s MEP and prime ministerial candidate Klára Dobrev said on Tuesday.

Dobrev said she had sent letters to the presidents of the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament, also asking the bodies to initiate a rule of law procedure against the Hungarian government concerning “spying on its own citizens”.

“A government in the heart of Europe unlawfully spying on its own citizens, journalists, politicians, and attorneys is without precedent,” Dobrev said.

The Pegasus affair demonstrates that “Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long been no democrat and no European and he is attempting to lead the country by way of methods seen in dictatorships”, Dobrev said.

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Source: MTI

  1. More theatrics by the sausage coalition. Klara Dobrev is just one of many of the Lap Dogs of George Soro’s and his Open Society Foundation. Klara what did your communist era party do to the opposition before the fall of communism? Don’t for one minute think that all politicians in and out of power collect intell on journalist and opposition parties. Klara, crawl back in the hole you crawled out of the Hungarian people will return Fidesz and Orban in 2022 for another term. They are not perfect but compared to what your boss Soro’s is offereing I would say Victor Orban and Fidesz are doing a great job for the people of Hungary.

  2. In the US NSA spied on Carter Page (this started the Russian hoax) and Tucker Carlson a Fox News host. Both these people are great patriots. Now, Pegasus was used of people who were ready to sell out the country to foreign interest, e.g. Soros or to Brussels’ dictators. These groups should deserve to be monitored because the damage they will cause cannot be easily remedied. Traitors must be jailed or exiled.

  3. C. Dobrev is a betrayer. No one should advocate ceding sovereignty to foreign dictators. People who were surveyed by Pegasus probably deserved it. The list contained anti-Hungarian and pro foreign interest. These people, especially those that cede sovereignty and authority to Brussels are dangerous. Also, people that represent foreign interest against Hungarian people should be carefully monitored.

    In the US, NSA monitored Carter Page and Tucker Carlson. Both of these people are great patriots and there is no record of anti government sentiment.

    Time to leave the EU and create an economic block with Central and Eastern European countries instead of living under a dictatorship. Money has never bought freedom.

  4. French prosecutor opens probe into NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. This article appeared on German news paper DW.

  5. The question is very simple: do we hold a Pegasus license, and if so, how are we using it? No smoke and mirrors, please.

    Soros has nothing to do with Pegasus – it’s OUR authorities. Only governments can buy a Pegasus license.

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