Pegasus spyware scandal


Special Service for National Security had never spied on anyone without permission, said chief

"The agency had never spied on anyone without permission"

Parliament committee declares meeting on spy software confidential

national security committee hungary parliament
The government officials did not deny that politicians and journalists had been surveilled, Jobbik MP Stummer said.

The Pegasus-affair is an attack on European values, says Jobbik MEP Gyöngyösi

The issue itself was an illegal surveillance scandal in which Orbán’s regime seems to be the most affected.

Hungarian Socialist parlt official queries security agency on Pegasus spyware scandal

Attila Mesterházy
Is it possible the #Hungariangovernment wiretapped people critical of their actions? 📱🇭🇺 #pegasusspyware #thecnology #spying #hungary #dailynewshungary

Opposition MPs call on Orbán cabinet to resign at Budapest demonstration

"The Pegasus case was another outrageous stage in the government's ongoing efforts since 2010 to push Hungary closer to Eastern regimes."

Will it ever be clear whether the government wiretapped journalists, politicians?

Pintér Orbán
If #Fidesz does not take part on the relevant national security committee meeting, that would be an admission - the opposition believes. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #spy #spywaresoftware #Israel #LMP #parliament