Brussels, March 18 (MTI) – Hungary does not support the application of double standards against any country, including Poland, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said. The ongoing European Union summit of heads of state and government has so far been successful from Hungary’s point of view. At the very least, it can be said that it “looks promising” for Hungary, Bertalan Havasi, the prime minister’s press chief, quoted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as saying on Friday.

“The deciding battle” over mandatory refugee quotas will have to be fought in April or May, the press chief told a press conference, quoting the prime minister.

The European Commission has not put forward its proposal on the refugee resettlement scheme so far. The current summit is dealing solely with the EU-Turkey deal on migration. The draft agreement contains no element that goes against Hungary’s goals or that would be detrimental to its interests, Havasi said.

EU should not apply ‘double standards’ for Poland, says Orban

Speaking on the sidelines of an European Union summit, Orban called for “more respect for Poland”, and said that the EU should not have stricter requirements for that country than for other members.

Orban referred to critical remarks by European Parliament head Martin Schulz, over developments around Poland’s constitutional court, and suggested that criticism from countries “which do not even have a constitutional court” was not appropriate.

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  1. This is a wrong picture (above) , the lady above Ewa Kopacz is not any more a prime minister pf Poland but rather in hatred occupied opposition to current legal government with Beata Szydlo.

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