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Strasbourg (MTI) – The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner has expressed concern over Hungary’s response to the migrant crisis in which Nils Muiznieks said the country has fallen short on human rights.

In a statement issued on Friday after concluding a three-day visit to Hungary, the commissioner said that the country has been confronted by an unprecedented task posed by around 400,000 people arriving on its border in search of international protection.

He noted however that swift measures implemented in the recent months “have rendered access to international protection extremely difficult and unjustifiably criminalised immigrants and asylum seekers.”

The commissioner expressed concern over the lack of essential safeguards in legislation adopted by parliament in July 2015 on accelerated asylum procedures.

With the number of migrants entering Hungary being again rather low, crisis measures are no longer necessary, Muiznieks said, adding that transit zones at the borders and the accelerated asylum procedures should be replaced by procedures compliant fully with human rights.

The commissioner also criticised Hungary over the criminalisation of those who crossed its borders illegally and the related fast-track criminal procedures that he said were not up to fair trial standards.

“Migrants and asylum seekers are not criminals and should never be treated as such,” Muiznieks said.

Further, the commissioner said another issue of concern was that an increasing number of asylum-seekers and migrants returned to Hungary under the EU’s Dublin regulations had been detained over the past months.

Besides calling for a review of immigration and asylum legislation, the commissioner said that the Hungarian government and political leaders “should refrain from using xenophobic rhetoric linking migrants to social problems or security risks, thereby making the integration of the few migrants staying in the country even more problematic.”

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. A very strong reply to Nils Muiznieks:
    I strongly disagree with your remarks about Hungary, as all Hungarians should. The reason why the entry of migranrs into Hungary are low, is because there is a fence to keep them out, on the southern border. A fence that should have been build a year ago. Everything Hungary has been doing, has been compliant with EU and Human Rights.
    400,000 people arriving on Hungarys border seeking protection????!!!! Protection from where and what, may I ask? Most of these reconised as ‘people’ are healthy young men who should be in their own countries putting the economies and welfare together, instead of looking foreward to a lazy life and sponging off the European people. They are an army ready to destroy Europe at a given notice. As they have already started to do, they will put the fear into European habitants. With this latest infusion, we are already entering into the third generation of muslims from those already settled in Europe. A war is about to begin.
    You talk about compliance to Human Rights. If only you knew what you talk about. Hungary is in compliance with Human Rights more so than other countries in Europe. Obrán Viktor is sticking to the regulations as though it is his life. Problem is, your ideas of Human Rights do not meet with the regulations. Don’t you think that Human Rights start at home? Don’t you think that regulations were set out to protect the people of the states they were originally meant for? People in European countries have over the generations worked and prepared themselves for the now and the future of their own children. To take in thousands of people from outside the European states is disastrous for the European community. These so called migrants take everything that is going, housing, food and money, to mention a couple of things. They don’t like the way the white caucasian people live, therefore do not integrate but form communities of their own. Danger. So where do Human Rights regulations come into this situation?
    Migrants and asylum seekers not criminal?? Anyone who enters a country without the apropriate papers, passport or visa, from a none Shengen country, are illegal, therefore deemed criminals. If these migrants had the approprate paperwork, they would be able to go from country to country legally. Example:- If someone, no matter where they came from, entered your house without your permission, would you say they were illegal, or would you allow them to stay in your home, eat your food, spend your money and do what they like? I don’t think so. I think you would want to get rid of them as soon as possible. So where are the Human Rights you preach, in this case?
    “Should refrain from using xenophobic rhetoric linking migrants to social problems or security risks, thereby making the intigration of the few migrants staying in the country even more problematic” You talk like an insane idiot. As I have said, Muslims do not integrate into society, they form their own communities and live the life they have been accustomed to before entering the civilised world. There is doom and gloom on the horizen in Europe. The sooner the people in Europe sit up and say what they think, the sooner the better. You, Nils Muiznieks need to get your act into gear and think of the near and distant future of th European people before you continue to critsize and spend time remarking on the very stable government of Hungary.

  2. I see the problem, in Brussels it’s legal to smoke POT. POT makes you unaware of your surroundings and puts you in a dreamworld. In Hungary, POT is a crime for a reason, so that you don’t exibit these dangerous scenario which can cause dillusionment and put your life at risk. Orban knows what he is doing, the right thing. I am more concerned of being attached to this EC deaf and dumb leadership bunch of liberals.

  3. Hungarians are doing a very good job.Go ahead and do not listen to the
    comments and conclusions of the impotent politicians i Brussels or Berlin.
    Good luck.

  4. What is wrong with a sovereign nation deciding who can settle in their own country? The European Commission preaches tolerance but exhibits little tolerance towards any dissenting voice. How easy it is to play the xenophobia card in order to silence real concerns.

  5. How is it that the E.C. continues to bash Hungary, when the ‘Jungle’ in Calias they can turn a blind eye at and allow it to continue?
    The answer is simple, focus attention away from the Wests problems and point them to the Easts to try and subdue them. Corporations, such as media, banks, etc. would all like to see the East fail because things can only get better there and worse in the West. This migrant thing seems to have backfired on the lot, but it’s primarily because of the Wests lazy attitude to everything, thinking the problems will just go away.

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