Felcsút, 2017. augusztus 3. Székesfehérvári szurkolók ünneplik csapatukat a labdarúgó Európa Liga-selejtezõ harmadik fordulójában játszott Videoton FC – Girondins Bordeaux visszavágó mérkõzés után a felcsúti Pancho Arénában 2017. augusztus 3-án. A Videoton bejutott a negyedik fordulóba, miután az idegenbeli 2-1-es vereségét követõen a visszavágón 1-0-ra gyõzött. MTI Fotó: Koszticsák Szilárd

Result of a Europa League third round match played in Felcsút, near Budapest, on Thursday:

Videoton (HUN) – Girondins Bordeaux (FRA) 1-0 (1-0)
Score: Stopira, 45+5.
Red card: Varga J. (69.), Sabaly (46.)

The Hungarian team has qualified for the play-off round.

Videoton Fc (Hungary)
Videoton (HUN) – Girondins Bordeaux (FRA) 1-0 (1-0)

The two managers shared their thoughts on Thursday’s second leg game at the Pancho Arena.

Marko Nikolic (Videoton):
“We deserved the win and we deserve to go through, especially based on the home leg. We are just a few minutes after the final whistle, and I am trying to think objectively, but I still feel that we controlled things from the start. The game would have been settled earlier had we managed to convert the chances, but I still want to congratulate my team who fought throughout and were real fighters on the pitch! We did not only battle, but also played football and we were perfect tactically. I want to congratulate the supporters who were behind us, not only for 90 minutes but across the whole 100-102 minutes. They really did help us a lot. We played tactically and with discipline and I would always like to see this type of Vidi. It is not only a massive result for Videoton, but for Hungarian football that we have made it through past Girondins. We have collected more coefficient points and will go into the play off’s with a similar attitude. We can celebrate for a little while, but not too long as we have training for the players on Friday. We then have the league game with Mezokovesd and will also look forward to Friday’s draw!”

Jocelyn Gouvernnec (Girondins Bordeaux):
“It is a massive disappointment for us as we really did prepare for the Europa League, but have not made it through. We knew that the qualification games would be hard, and that at this level there are no easy games. Videoton FC and the way they played surprised us. We missed a couple of chances in the first half, and the late goal that we conceded meant that we could not line up defensively. Costil saved well but the rest of the team could not show how we played last week, and we have gone out.”

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI, vidi.hu

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