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The European Union’s Court of Justice told MTI that it would announce on September 6 its ruling concerning the case launched by Hungary and Slovakia challenging the legality of the EU’s migrant resettlement scheme.

The Hungarian government turned to the Luxembourg-based court in December 2015 over the quota scheme, requesting the ECJ to annul the European Council resolution on relocating 120,000 asylum-seekers to member states on a mandatory basis as unlawful.

The scheme was approved by the EU interior ministers in a majority vote a few months before despite Hungary’s objection. Subsequently, Hungary advanced ten arguments, substantive and procedural, in favour of abolishing the quota system. It argued that at least the part obliging the country to receive 1,294 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece should be annulled.

In July the court’s advocate general in charge proposed that the case should be dismissed, arguing that the two countries’ legal arguments were unfounded.

A decision will be made by the court’s 15-member Grand Chamber, with a simple majority of votes.

Source: MTI

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