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An European warrant has been issued against an 18-year-old Afghan refugee under suspicion of rape, a police spokesperson told a press conference on Sunday.

According to the police, Sarhadi Bilal Ahmad, who had been granted asylum in the country, sexually assaulted a woman in the toilet of a fast-food restaurant in central Budapest in the early hours of Sunday.

The Budapest police have set up a special team to investigate the case and contacted their Austrian and German counterparts.

Afghanian refugee police

According to BRFK (Budapest Police Headquarters), the man has been enjoying a defended status in Hungary since the summer of 2017.

They added that their special team lays big emphasis on controlling railway stations since they suspect that the man will try to escape to another country.

The police launched the investigation after the victim prosecuted the Afghan suspect.

If you happen to have any information regarding the case, call 06-80-555-111, 107 or 112.

Source: MTI

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