No shop assistants in Hungary

The United Kingdom attracts international retail chains the most in Europe in 2017, 65 per cent of them marked the British Isles as their most important market, says Hungary was mentioned by 19 per cent of the chains, thus Hungary became the fifth on the list of retail chains desiring to expand, according to the last researches of the international commercial property advisor CBRE.

The ranking list

CBRE announced on Wednesday: the United Kingdom is followed by France with 43 per cent, then comes Germany with 38 per cent, while the United Arab Emirates is the fourth with 24 per cent. The fifth position is shared between Spain, the Netherlands and Hungary. According to the researches, 70 per cent of the retail chains is planning to open ten new stores at most in 2017, which indicates a much more careful expanding strategy than before.

The shopping streets and shopping centres remained the most popular targets, 80 per cent of the respondent chains would expand their network there. The most significant factor limiting the expansions is the increasing rents, which makes 57 per cent of the businessmen worried, which is followed by another such factor: the lack of retail properties of adequate quality, with 51 per cent.

They do not worry about online stores

The researches made it clear: 81 per cent of the businessmen are sure the growth of the online commerce does not prevent their retail stores from expanding in Europe. Only a few retailers think that the Internet would reduce the demand for stores and due to the changing shopping customs it is possible to keep up the returns with fewer stores.

In the case of investing into digital technologies, 87 per cent of the retailers have already introduced or plan to introduce their integrated store and social media platform. 58 per cent of the retailers agreed that the technologies used in the stores are more and more important, one third of them have already introduced or plan to introduce the interactive screens and fitting rooms, and this trend will be more and more significant in 2017 – says CBRE.

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