There were 28.6 °C in Ujpest, Budapest, 29 in Osli, Gyor-Moson-Sopron county. So far, the top of April 16 was 27.6 °C, measured in Szarvas, Bekes County in 1952, said.

Daytime temperatures were around 25-26 degrees Celsius in many areas of the country, which is appropriate for the second half of June, based on the average of many years. The new national record is 29 °C measured in Osli.

Until now, this day was the warmest in Budapest also in 1952. Then it was 26.6 °C. This has been broken by 2 degrees now because there was 28.6 °C in Ujpest.

However, the weather service also noted the summery warmth will not last long: on Friday afternoon, a cold front comes which brings strong cooling, said.

So much so that the temperatures will fall below freezing sometimes even two meters above sea level at night and the early hours.

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