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Many former students realise only years later what really happened at the school’s boiler room. Many blame the management for enabling this for over ten years when alarming signs were noticed years ago.

Tibor has been working at Dr Béres József Elementary School as a janitor and handyman for 11 years. Besides his maintenance duties, he regularly coached the soccer and juggling teams, even though he never had any qualifications. The now 62-year-old Tibor presumably sexually assaulted at least 10 young girls from the school, Index reports.

Tibor was arrested last September after one of the girls’ mother pressed charges. He has been in pre-trial custody ever since, nine other victims have been identified since then.

The case blew up thanks to an eraser. A mother noticed that her daughter had a new eraser which she said she got from Tibor. When the mother asked why the girl did not want to say at first, but after persuasion, she cried and told her mother what she had to do for that eraser.

People close to the case reported Tibor inappropriately touching and kissing the girls, as well as buying them small presents and giving them money which they needed to spend at school. It is still unknown what he did to the children exactly, but he is facing sexual assault charges and could serve up to 15 years in prison.

He presumably said to one of the girls: “If I were your age, I would be in love with you.” Any sexual action counts as assault when the victim is below 12 years of age.

One girl who used to be on the soccer team told Index:

“Now I realise how weird it was that we sat on his lap in our underwear, gave him kisses and let him caress us, it seemed so natural at the time. We regularly changed in front of him before practice.”

Tibor had an “office” in the boiler room, where girls regularly changed before practice instead of using the changing rooms.

The man used several techniques to develop close and intimate relationships with the students, and he always had “his favourites.” He listened to them, had deep emotional conversations with them and “treated the girls as adults.”

He emotionally manipulated both students and teachers by claiming that he had cancer which later turned out to be untrue. He was never sick. He used his condition always to schedule afternoon practice for the girls, presumably to have fewer adults in the building.

Some teachers noticed the man’s weird behaviour years ago, and they did not let students be alone with him. But an official complaint or arrest never happened until September 2019, when he was arrested and put into custody.

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  1. The authorities should cut off his nuts.

    Then he can be the ‘girl’ for his fellow prison inmates.

  2. The janitor’ is a global spectre in middle school environments… one who usually preys on the newly emerging virgin… 12, 13, 14 year-olds. We had the creepy janitor in my grammar school-furnace room and all-always lurking and always tempting young naïve girls to come in to talk with him… many of his victims disappeared over a summer sent to places of seclusion for unwed mothers.. So sad to learn that the janitor is still alive and well, living in this world -in the US, in Hungary, in almost any place that men are not vetted before being placed in schools having students who are vulnerable to his approaches…

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