February is the month of celebrations, as winter is slowly coming to an end, but while you are waiting for the Busó Festival to kick off at the end of the month, why not go to a food festival or a concert or a wine festival? Here are some of the best things to do in Budapest in February.

Mangalica Festival

When? February 8 – 10
Where? Szabadság square
How much is it? Free

mangalica bacon sausage ham

We already wrote about this exciting culinary experience taking place over the weekend, so let us just recap what you can expect there: you can meet breeders and farmers, you can buy and taste authentic products made from Mangalica meat, you can drink traditionally made Hungarian wines and pálinkas, or participate in traditional cooking contests.

More info: XII. Budapesti Mangalica Fesztivál, 2019. Február 8-10.

Tom Odell concert

When? February 8, 19:00
Where? Barba Negra Music Club
How much is it? 9.900 – 10.900 ft

tom odell concert music

After several festival appearances like at Sziget Festival in 2017 or at Strand Festival in 2016, the award-winning British singer and songwriter Tom Odell finally visits Budapest in a standalone act on the 8th of February. Odell brings some of his hits like Another Love and probably Budapest too, but tunes from his new album as well, Jubilee Road.

More info: Tom Odell – Official event 2019

Winter Night of Choirs

When? February 9, 18:00
Where? MagNet Community House
How much is it? 500 – 1.600 ft

winter night of choirs budapest

The Winter Night of Choirs is the sister event of the summer festival focusing on the same theme. You can choose from 37 concerts held in six different rooms and can join the closing singing.

More info: Kórusok Téli Éjszakája

Night skiing at Normafa

When? February 14, 17:00 – 21:00
Where? Normafa park, starting from Kis-Norma slope (accessible with buses 21 and 21A)
How much is it? Free

winter Hungary things to do
If you are in Budapest, you should definitely try a trip to Normafa.

This exciting event invites children and adults alike to join in on an adventurous evening skiing at Normafa park. Do not worry if you do not have any skiing equipment at home, as the Vasas sports club has offered to provide some.

More info: Sípályák Éjszakája a Normafán

Recirquel: My Land

When? February 15, 19:00
Where? Palace of Arts (Müpa)
How much is it? 2.900 – 4.500 ft

recirquel my land contemporary circus budapest

The new spectacle of the internationally acclaimed contemporary circus troupe, Recirquel, is inspired by human dependence on Earth and our relationship with the planet. What makes it an even more enchanting experience is the music provided by seven Ukrainian virtuoso artists.

More info: Recirquel Újcirkusz Társulat: My Land

Borjour Magnum

When? February 16, 15:00
Where? Millenáris Park
How much is it? 7.900 – 50.000 ft

borjour magnum budapest wine festival

Borjour Magnum is the biggest Borjour and wine event of the year in Hungary, where a selection of over a thousand of wines awaits you, produced by 220 Hungarian (including Hungarians abroad) and foreign wineries.

More info: Borjour Magnum 2019

Budapest Fish Festival

When? February 16 – 17
Where? ELTE Lágymányosi Campus
How much is it? Free

fish festival budapest

This is the 6th time that the Budapest Fish Festival takes place, this year at a new venue, in heated tents at one of the Eötvös Loránd University campuses. The fish of the year in 2019 is the rudd, but you can try other fish dishes too while attending concerts, fun fairs or just checking out the beautiful aquariums and fishing tanks.

More info: VII. Budapesti Halfesztivál

Farsang Doughnut Festival

When? February 23 – 24
Where? Car park of MOM Swimming Pool and Sports Centre
How much is it? Free

fánk doughnut

Last, but not least, the all-time favourite festival of small and big Hungarians: the Farsang celebrations. Even though there are several top-notch doughnut places in Budapest, we recommend visiting this festival too, where you can try the traditional sweet or savoury doughnuts as a dessert after some delicious street food. You can wash it all down with some mulled wine while reading this recipe.

More info: III. Farsangi Fánkfesztivál-Új Helyszínen!

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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