Mihály Munkácsy, painting

The Hungarian National Gallery and Budapest Museum of Fine Arts exhibition in Germany’s nineteenth biggest city, Bonn, introduces the most famous painters’ significance and their role in the field of fine arts.

According to pestbuda.hu, one of Germany’s finest arts venues, Bundeskuntshalle in Bonn, gives place for the exhibition entitled Princely Painters, where fourteen paintings from the Hungarian National Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest are exhibited.

This exhibition is the first trying to emphasise the significance of the most famous European painters in a unique way and introduces the art of the 19th century through magnificent and rare paintings.

Among the most famous German painters, the Hungarian Mihály Munkácsy will be in the focus of the exhibition. Eleven Munkácsy-made paintings are exhibited in the museum as well as paintings related to Munkácsy’s work, including two Makart compositions, two portraits of Lenbach and the portrait of Munkácsy and his daughter, Gabriel.

From the Hungarian National Gallery, the busts of Hungarian sculptor Alajos Stróbl and Mihály Munkácsy can be seen at the exhibition. Munkácsy’s rare canopy painting entitled Apotheosis of the Rennaisance from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (Museum of Art History) is also exhibited in a miniature size. This was the most monumental work in Munkácsy’s lifetime.

The aim of this exhibition is to examine the late 19th century’s painters in a different way and to introduce their significance and greatness in the history of arts. The museum’s exhibition featuring the Hungarian Munkácsy’s finest works can be visited until the 27th of January.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

Source: pestbuda.hu

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