From film direction to dubbing and make-up shows, Korda Filmpark awaits movie fans with a wide range of interactive programmes to explore the world of film-making – and it is just a 30-minute drive from Budapest.

In recent years, Budapest has attracted a large number of international filmmakers to shoot some really successful movies: the Hungarian capital and its outskirts offer several opportunities to create an authentic background for all types of productions.

But the Hungarian film industry does not end there: in the town of Etyek, just 29 km from Budapest, movie fans will find a place where they can explore the exciting world of film production, from the first ideas to marketing and all the exciting steps in between: this is Korda Filmpark.

As Promotions writes, the venue – often called Etyekwood among Hungarians – primarily serves as a filming location for Hungarian and international productions, but it also offers a wide range of interactive programmes to give visitors an insight into the world of cinema.

Filming location for The Borgias at Korda Studios.
Stuntman shows, summer camps, and a hobbit house

One of the most popular activities is the experience tour (Élménytúra), where a movie professional guides visitors through interactive installations (both indoors and outdoors), while sharing interesting facts about the process of film-making. Not only can visitors find themselves in the streets of New York (thanks to the set created for Hellboy 2), but they can also learn why all the buildings are built to have three floors only.

The exhibition also has a hobbit house where visitors can join a film crew to try themselves in various roles to film The Lord of the Rings.

The activities of Filmbuilding are no less exciting: here, visitors can join the production of a trailer and even become part of the cast. They can also join an interactive crime game, dub a movie, or play Mission is Possible. In addition, stuntman shows, make-up and mask shows, and summer camps for children are also organised regularly.

A great venue for family events, school trips, and company events alike, Korda Filmpark has recently reopened to visitors with the necessary safety measures. Pre-booking is necessary, and if needed, visitors can request guidance in foreign languages.

Address: 2091 Etyek, Korda út 1572 hrsz.


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