Hungarian is considered to be the hardest language to learn for foreigners. It is unique, has a different sound, and only Hungarian people speak it fluently in the whole world. Although this language is difficult to understand and has a complex grammatical system, everything is possible. To raise your intrinsic motivation, here are ten reasons to learn Hungarian.


  1. The Hungarian language is beautiful

Yes, it is! Almost every review and opinion about our mother tongue says that the Hungarian language sounds beautiful, smooth, and it is pleasant for the ears, but there are many debates about comparing it to other languages. There are several comparisons, for example, to Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, and even the Italian language.

2–3. To make Hungarian friends and to communicate with them

Besides broadening your knowledge, learning another foreign language has another advantage: making new friends. Learning Hungarian gives you the opportunity to meet new people in Hungary who do not necessarily speak English fluently. Besides having fun with these new mates, they could also teach you how to pronounce certain words and help to solve your difficulties with Hungarian grammar, vocabulary, or expressions. Communicating face to face would improve your oral skills while chatting would give you a chance to practice written Hungarian.

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  1. To do translations

After you learn how to speak and write in Hungarian, you could turn these skills to your advantage and become a professional translator from Hungarian to your mother tongue or other languages.

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  1. To watch Hungarian movies without subtitles

There are many iconic Hungarian movies everyone should see if they are interested in the Hungarian film industry. From classical movies to comedies and action films, the choices are endless. Not to mention the fact that many of these movies are not dubbed or have English subtitles. Watching these movies in Hungarian not only results in a good feeling that you understand the language, but you can entertain yourself at the same time.

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  1. To live in Hungary

Speaking Hungarian fluently also gives you the opportunity to live here, meet new people, study, and get a job. Also, you can learn about Hungarian culture, history, and traditions to fully become part of the Hungarian culture.

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  1. To have a holiday in Hungary

After settling down in the country, you can spend your free time travelling around Hungary, which is famous for beautiful locations, historical towns, castles, lakes, baths, museums, hotels, mountains, caves, etc.

  1. To understand the lyrics of Hungarian music

As I mentioned before, the choices of Hungarian movies are endless. This statement is also true when we are talking about Hungarian music. From old songs to new ones, in the genres of pop, rap, rock, indie, or folk, there are many exceptional melodies to choose from and to understand what Hungarian artists would like to say through their songs.

  1. To speak with Hungarian relatives on the phone

If you have a family where multiple languages are used, especially Hungarian, speaking with relatives who live in Hungary would be more enjoyable. Probably these relatives and acquaintances in your family do not speak languages except Hungarian.

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  1. To do business with Hungarian companies

If you get a job in Hungary and speak Hungarian fluently, you do not necessarily need to use Hungarian if you do business or negotiate with other Hungarians. Imagine how impressed they would be if you spoke with them in their language, though.

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The top ten most interesting stereotypes about Hungary and Hungarians

American writer, reporter and political commentator Walter Lippmann (1889–1974) was the first person who introduced the term and definition of stereotype in 1922; a term still used today. According to Lippmann, a stereotype is a distorted picture or image in a person’s mind, not based on personal experience, but derived culturally. Every nation has its own stereotypes, and Hungary is no exception. Many tourists visit the country every year and leave with new opinions, but even people who have not visited Hungary before in their lives have their own beliefs. Let us see the ten most interesting stereotypes said of Hungarians by foreigners. 













Source: Facebook, Daily News Hungary

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