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The Feneketlen Lake in Buda. Photo: WikiCommons

Magyarorszagkul.nlcafe.hu reports that not many people know about the amazing legends attached to some Hungarian lakes that could fit into horror films or even Disney movies without a problem given their supernatural qualities. Although swimming is prohibited in the following lakes, they are perfect for family outings. From now on, you will also be aware of the incredible stories that are circulating about them. Let’s check them out!

1. Feneketlen Lake (Bottomless Lake)

Once a brick factory operated where the well-known Feneketlen Lake stands now in Budapest. Thanks to the meandering of the Duna, a lot of clay accumulated in the territory of the once swampy land. Workers dug out the mud from an enormous pit until hot water emerged from deep down. According to the legend, the emergence of the water happened so unexpectedly that the workers left behind all their tools and immediately escaped from the pit.

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For quite a long time, it was rumoured that the bodies of the labourers still lie at the bottom of the lake. This rumour was well-founded to some extent given that several corpses emerged to the surface of the lake in the past. However, later it was revealed that most probably, these people died in wars.

One thing is sure. The lake was created when the factory was closed at the end of the 19th century and when the water filled up the pit.

2. Lake Pátka

The following legend is about Deli, the son of the master of the castle of Pátka, who fell in love with a princess living in a nearby castle. However, before gaining the favour of the beautiful lady, he had to accomplish 3 tests proving his aptitude and strength that surpassing the other suitor. His 1st task was to kill a bear by his hands while the 2nd one was to construct a drawbridge.

Then came the 3rd test, the most difficult among the three, that is to build a special vehicle in which the suitor should go and win the love of the beloved lady.

While his opponent rode to the princess in a magical carriage, Deli used the water of the Tisza river to fill up a lake and build a sailing boat to win the hands of the lady. This is how Lake Pátka was created according to the legend.

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3. Black Lake

The Black Lake can be found in Vas county on a swampy and marshy land. Several mystical stories circulate even today among the inhabitants since people and animals alike have disappeared in the swamp. The legend related to the Black Lake is about a church that once stood in the middle of today’s lake. It was there that the Christmas mass was held to which a pious lady arrived late. It hurt her so much that as the legend goes, she sank with the church in the swamp.

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Locals are convinced that there should be some truth in the legend since every year at Christmas, they hear the sound of bells echoed from the swamp.

4. Lake Vasvár

In the middle of today’s lake, once, an enormous castle stood. The master of the castle fell in love with a young girl and forced her to get married to him. In fact, the lady loved another man, called Géza Gyana, who was in war at that time. In despair, she decided to curse the castle which sank under water.

Upon arriving home, Géza threw himself into the lake, but the lovers did not die as thanks to some magic, they survived and still live happily at the bottom of the lake.

The legend also talks about a Snake Prince who possesses the key of the castle. If someone succeeds in taking away the key from the prince, the curse gets broken, and the couple can live happily after that on Earth. The Snake Prince emerges from the water every year on New Year’s Eve, so if you are brave enough, try to break the curse! 🙂

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5. Lake Szabadka

At the end of the 18th century, the settlement of Szabadka was struck with a serious epidemic and drought. A local farmer, called Palics, believed that all was the fault of the Rózsa family who befriended some witches. Therefore, witch hunt started all around the town and locals also burnt the house of the family mentioned.

Meanwhile, a huge storm struck the town and a lightning killed Palics who slandered the family and a lake was created in the place where the family’s house stood.

For quite a long time, locals avoided visiting the lake the water of which is very sour. An interesting fact related to it is that people thought that the tears of the Rózsa family cause the sourness of the water.

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