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„Nothing defines a culture as distinctly as its language, and the element of language that best encapsulates a society’s values and beliefs is its proverbs”. We collected 20 of humorous sayings, wise proverbs and inspiring quotes of Hungary again, Famous Hungarian Proverbs vol. 2. has arrived!

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Jó tett helyébe jót várj.
English: Expect good for a good deed.
Meaning: One good turn deserves another.

Ha már lúd, legyen kövér.
English: If goose, let it be fat.
Meaning: If you are about to do something, do it properly.

Addig üsd a vasat, amíg meleg.
English: Strike while the iron is hot.
Meaning: Seize the opportunity while you have it.

A baj nem jár egyedül.
English: Misery loves company.
Meaning: Trouble never comes alone.

Egy fecske nem csinál nyarat.
English: One swallow does not make a summer.
Meaning: One person alone is too little to change important things.

Elássa a csatabárdot.
English: Bury the hatchet.
Meaning: Forgive the enemy and cease the fight.

Nem babra megy a játék.
English: The stake of the play is not beans.
Meaning: It is a serious matter.

Ne fesd az ördögöt a falra!
English: Don’t paint the devil on the wall!
Meaning: Don’t assume something will go wrong when it is not certain.

Rossz fát tett a tűzre.
English: He put bad wood onto the fire.
Meaning: He has done something really bad.

Ne csinálj szúnyogból elefántot.
English: Don’t make an elephant out of a mosquito.
Meaning: Don’t make something momentous out of a trifle.

Nem zörög a haraszt, ha a szél nem fújja.
English: The bushes don’t rattle if there’s no wind.
Meaning: There is a reason for everything that happens.

A látszat néha csal.
English: Appearance cheats sometimes.
Meaning: Don’t believe everything you see.

Ne igyál előre a medve bőrére.
English: Don’t drink ahead to the bear’s hide.
Meaning: Don’t waste your favours before you get them .

Az idő pénz.
English: Time is money.
Meaning: There is nothing more precious than time.

Vak tyúk is talál szemet.
English: Even the blind chicken finds grains.
Meaning: Even an incompetent person will eventually be right about something.

Gyakorlat teszi a mestert.
English: Practice makes perfect.
Meaning: Experience is the best teacher.

Kivétel erősíti a szabályt.
English: The exception strengthens the rule.
Meaning: There is an exception to every rule.

A türelem rózsát teremt.
English: Patience produces roses.
Meaning: Good things come to those who wait.

Nagy az Isten állatkertje.
English: God’s zoo is really big.
Meaning: There are so many crazy people out there.

A vér nem válik vízzé.
English: Blood will not turn into water.
Meaning: There are things that will never change.

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