When I first know there will be a VidPaw App for Android devices, I can’t wait to download it. I have to say that VidPaw is the best online videos & audio downloader I have ever used. Till today, I have used VidPaw App for a couple days. I have to say that VidPaw App is amazing as the web version. 

For someone who are curious about VidPaw App for Android, I’ll make a list of frequent asked questions(FAQs) on VidPaw App you may have.

FAQ 1. Is VidPaw App Free to Download and Install?

Yes. It’s free to download and install VidPaw App to your Android phones or tablets. No charge is needed. Moreover, just like the VidPaw website, all services you can find on VidPaw App totally ask for no money. 

FAQ 2. Is VidPaw App Safe to Use?

Obviously, safety should be ranked the first. Many of you, even me, will worry that extra plug-in or software will be automatically downloaded when you install VidPaw App on your phone. As for this case, you can totally feel ease. 

I have installed VidPaw App on my phone over 4 days. No extra plug-in or software has been downloaded and dragged down my phone’ performance. What’s more, you don’t need to log in the app to get the download services as well. Thus, your private information will be exposed.  

FAQ 3. What Services You can Get on VidPaw App?

The basic video and audio download services are offered. Online videos from more than 1,000 site are supported to download, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Moreover, YouTube Video Converter is provided. Then, you can convert and save your wanted YouTube videos to any format you need.

If you love watching YouTube videos, VidPaw App can be your best platform to stream YouTube videos as well. You can directly find your wanted YouTube videos with keywords, follow the YouTube trending videos, get the hottest video in each category just now. With VidPaw App, you can stream and download YouTube videos at the same place with no limitation.

FAQ 4. About the Output Settings

As for the output format and quality, I can say that VidPaw App has covered the most compatible formats and high qualities. You can easily download YouTube videos to MP4/ 3GP/ WebM in 720p, 1080p, 4K. You can convert YouTube videos to MP3/M4A in 320 kbps. What’s more, all output settings are based on your preference. 

 FAQ 5. How to Download 1080p, 4K Online Videos? 

First of all, you need to know that the quality of the output video will not be higher than the original one. If the highest quality of the original video is 360p, you cannot get a 720p video outcome. 

Moreover, the output quality is up to the video site or the uploaders. If they restriction the downloading video quality, you will not get the original quality of the online video.

 FAQ 6. How to Download and Install VidPaw App?

You can get VidPaw App on VidPaw App website directly. Then, you can install it on your Android phone or tablet.

However, some of you might fail to install the app to your Android device, that’s because the “Unknown sources” option on “Settings” has been closed. To fix this issue, you can enable the option.

  • Move to “Security” in Settings. > Scroll down to find “Unknown sources”.

  • Turn on “Unknown sources” option.

  • Tap “OK” on the pop-up window.


FAQ 7. Can I Download VidPaw App on iPhone/iPad?

No. VidPaw App is only available to download and use on Android phone/tablet. If you are using iPhone/iPad, you can download a file manager like “Documents” and directly access all download services on VidPaw website online.

FAQ 8. How to Download An Online Video by Using VidPaw App?

VidPaw App can use the copy-and-paste method just like the web version to download any online video from any site easily. As for me, I prefer to download my favorite video after streaming it on VidPaw App. It’s so convenient. Next, I’ll show you how to do it.

 STEP 1. Download and install VidPaw App on Android phone or tablet.

STEP 2. Open VidPaw App.

STEP 3. Search for your wanted videos on VidPaw App directly.

STEP 4. Access the video. > Tap “Download Video” to activate the download page.

STEP 5. Choose your download preference. 

STEP 6. After that, tap the “Download” button to finish the download process.


In conclusion, VidPaw App is absolutely out of my expectation. Literally, I can’t find so much difference between the VidPaw App and the website, but they are both useful and helpful. If you are Android users, you can try VidPaw App to download online videos. 

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