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Washington, DC, April 12 (MTI) – Hungarian farm minister Sándor Fazekas discussed the crisis in the dairy sector, veterinary issues, the TTIP free trade agreement between the United States and the European Union and the export of Hungarian farm products to American markets at talks with Michael Scuse, the US deputy agriculture secretary in Washington, DC on Monday.

Hungary is for the TTIP free trade pact, but only if it is mutually beneficial, Fazekas told MTI. Veterinary regulations are also of special importance to Hungary, and the country is committed to remaining GMO-free, he added.

Asked how big of an interest other EU member states have in maintaining a GMO-free status, Fazekas said half of the member states have joined Hungary in declaring themselves GMO-free zones and Germany is also expected to join soon.

Even with Hungary’s GMO-free status, there are parts of the TTIP free trade deal, such as the expansion of export opportunities, that look promising for the country, he said. Hungary’s goal is to export as many high quality farm products to the US as it can, he said. Fazekas named “mangalica” pork, grey cattle meat, honey, jam, wine and palinka fruit brandy as Hungary’s leading export products to the US.

The minister also gave a presentation to representatives of the American Hungarian Business Council and participated at a pair of events showcasing Hungarian farm products on the first day of an official visit to the US.

Fazekas will hold talks in New York on Tuesday, then travel to Montreal and Toronto.


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