The foreign criminal is awaiting in custody the Hungarian court’s decision on their extradition to the US. He defrauded mostly American pensioners; the altogether damage is 40 billion HUF (EUR 120 million).

The fraudster was caught with the help of the FBI in Budapest just a couple of days ago, and Hungary would extradite him to the USA, but he did not accept the simplified process in the issue so it will take longer until the Hungarian court can decide on the matter. Therefore, the Budapest-Capital Regional Court has decided the provisional arrest of the French-Israeli citizen until he can be extradited – reported.

Against the 28-year-old man, there was an international arrest warrant because he and his associates defrauded mostly pensioners between 2014 and 2017 in Maryland. The altogether harm done is worth

more than 145 million US dollars.

The international criminal gang asked for the savings of mostly old people with promises of high returns. However, as it is usual in such cases, they took all the money without ever having the intention to invest or return any of it. As the police cleared in its statement, they had call centres in Ukraine or Mauritius just to convince their clients that what they do is perfectly legal. They were also very aggressive, saying that this is an opportunity nobody should miss.

As we reported before, the National Investigation Bureau (NNI), in cooperation with the US’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on Saturday

arrested two foreign nationals under international warrants on charges of fraud.

A 44-year-old US national was arrested in Budapest’s 8th district under charges of defrauding American investors of some 3.5 million dollars by promising them high returns which have never been realised.

In a separate case, a 28-year-old French-Israeli citizen was arrested and charged with being part of an international criminal gang which caused some 145 million dollars’ damage by defrauding tens of thousands of people, mostly pensioners, of their savings, with promises of high returns.


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