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In 2021, a Hungarian report  was published for the first time. ECPAT and the Hintalovon Foundation have jointly produced a report on the sexual exploitation of children. The situation in Hungary is dire.

The report identifies different categories that are forms of sexual exploitation of children. These categories are exploitation for prostitution, exploitation in the online space, human trafficking for sexual exploitation and the sale of children, exploitation in the field of tourism, early and forced marriage.

Most often, disadvantaged children from poor family backgrounds fall victim,

writes the report. In addition, they typically belong to marginalised social strata. Before becoming a victim, physical, emotional, and psychological violence was common in the lives of these children. Moreover, their parents often neglected the victims. The report notes that, so far, there has been little comprehensive research on the subject and little data available. However, the few surveys also show that a similar percentage of deep poverty occurs in similar tragic cases.

The report is mostly based on European Union data and statistics. 64 per cent of Hungarian victims of sex trafficking identified in the EU are children. 7.4% of child victims are under 11 years old.

There were a total of 1,310 registered victims of human trafficking, of whom 647 were of Hungarian nationality.

As in other countries, children raised in state care are particularly at risk in Hungary. Another EU report published in 2018 is also worrying. More than half of the children identified in the EU as victims of prostitution were of Hungarian origin.

Femina summarised the main statements of the report:

    • In Hungary, the risk of impoverishment is much higher among children and those belonging to the Roma minority.
    • There are not enough professionals to help.
    • Sexual offences against children are increasing every year.
    • Within the EU, most victims are among Hungarian children.
    • There is no standard practice in the Hungarian court for sanctioning child pornography. In addition, there is no action against the sexual exploitation of children in the field of tourism.
    • In Hungary, children over the age of 16 are still allowed to marry, despite many criticisms.

It is hoped that in 2020, with a law amendment, a number of positive legislative changes and measures can help the situation of children. The Hungarian government pays special attention to victims under the age of 18. To achieve this goal, the government established a national strategy to combat human trafficking for 2020-2023.


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