We are living at a time where more data is created each day. This is in the form of photos, messages, and even emails being uploaded or shared. Privacy has become an issue because many are yet to establish ways of secure such magnitude of data. Hackers and some data analytics experts are finding new means of accessing such data which is a breach of privacy and also security.

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This is because some of the information we share online is confidential, and having it in the hands of unknown people may put you at risk. Email service is one means of communication used by most individuals and companies. Access to company emails by rivals or other parties can result in unexpected consequences. Keeping your emails protected and private is essential. The best thing to do is to use a private email service that will ensure your emails are secure. 

One of the best companies with such service is EPRIVO.

It is a company that offers digital privacy solutions, mostly focusing on email privacy currently. They also have an app that has catered for different people who access email services using their phones as well as computers.  You should try the first voice/text private email app! It even works with your email ID, current provider, and old emails. This service has different features that help ensure your email communications are secure. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Deleting Sent Emails Permanently

This is one feature that helps you delete or recall a sent mail. The service has an email recalling feature that lets you do this. Whenever you recall an email or delete permanently, it will not be visible to the recipient; it sort of vanishes everywhere including cloud and recipients’ devices.

This feature also enables you to set a timer with an expiration period where sent emails can be deleted automatically after awhile from the period of sending them.

Private Email Address

It is another great feature you will enjoy when you use EPRIVO. This keeps your email address private or invisible to the people you send emails to. It is a common thing for the recipient to see the sender’s email address. This is something you can try when you want to maintain privacy or remain anonymous. Also, EPRIVO will launch an update for the holidays where all your emails can be used as private emails. So, if you have several email addresses this is great news for you.

End to End Encryption

Also known as E2EE, it is a feature that is meant to ensure only you and the recipient have access to the mails you are sending, and you are the only people able to read them.

No third party can access or decrypt the messages you are sending.

EPRIVO helps ensure your emails are protected and nobody is able to access them through email servers or cloud. In fact, EPRIVO does not even store your emails so, in a way, it is much safer than baseline E2EE. EPRIVO’s entire interest is in securing emails and there is never a conflict of interest – that may exist with a provider that also stores emails.

Sender Control

It is a feature that lets the person sending a particular email decide on what actions should be taken after sending it. One of the things you can do is to disable forwarding of the sent mails. You can also set it to a single-viewing option, which means the recipient will only be able to read or view it once after opening. 

Voice Response

The voice response option which also has privacy controls is another feature you will find in the app. It is a perfect alternative of responding to your emails instead of texting. 

Metadata Privatization

Other sender control features you have include a privatized metadata and subject lines. It helps in removing metadata that contains details of the sender and the receiver from the cloud and header after reading your private email once.This feature helps in securing your emails. Without metadata there is no leakage of information such as when you sent an email or from where you did.

Physical Security

EPRIVO also keeps your mails physically secure, reducing the risks that come with securing them digitally. This is possible due to the physical separation algorithms it uses to keep off providers from your private mails even in a coded format. With this feature, no provider gets access to your full email even in encrypted form. This may be essential when your provider gets compromised. 

With all these features, you should choose EPRIVO as your private email service.

Using it is very simple because all you have to do is visit their official website and sign up or just download the app and sign up there. After signing up, you will be directed to a page with different outlined plans where you can try out the free trial option first to enjoy various features. Key in the required details, which includes the email address you want to be protected by the service. You can also get the app for your mobile device where you will follow all the registration procedures and enjoy using it.


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