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József Kardos, a former Fidesz founder who openly speaks about his homosexuality, spoke in a recent interview about gay politicians living a double life. In his opinion, Viktor Orbán as a private person has no problem with homosexuals.

Speaking about the paedophile law passed on Monday, Kardos gave an interview to Partizán condemning the bill for blending paedophilia with homosexuality.

The former Fidesz founder told Partizán that he broke away from the party in 1998 because he believed that while the truth could always be told from the opposition, the same cannot be said about the governing party.

According to Telex, he was the president of Fidesz in Sopron. Before the 1990 elections, Kardos became the campaign manager of József Szájer (born in Sopron), a candidate for MP from Sopron, and helped him win a parliamentary seat in the colours of Fidesz. Szájer was the only Fidesz politician who succeeded at the time. In 1994, Kardos became the personal secretary of József Szájer, and they had a close relationship.

“I’ve known the whole family, and I owe him quite a lot,”

he says.

According to Kardos, Szájer never lied to his family. They knew about the politician’s sexuality. “It wasn’t about him leading a double life behind anyone’s back. He lived a double life in front of the general public,” he stated. He considers them a normal, intellectual family, who love each other, though he also told Blikk that he does not know how the Brussels case was settled in the family.

He also talked about Fidesz founders being quite accepting of gay party members.

“Orbán and everyone in Fidesz knew very well about József Szájer’s sexuality, and he was accepted that way,” he says. According to Kardos, sexual orientation was not a problem, as long as it was private: it only became a scandal when Szájer’s case was brought to public attention.

“I never thought they had a problem with gay people, and I still don’t think they do.”

Kardos claims there are other politicians in high positions who hide their sexuality while assisting with the homophobic bill. He says he knows about at least two or three members of the governing party.

He has now agreed to speak publicly about Fidesz’s inner circles because he is outraged by the hypocrisy of the government’s attitude towards gays. Kardos also spoke of his own struggles in accepting his homosexuality. According to him, the demonisation of an innocent minority and attacking them within the framework of the law is evil, and Fidesz and Jobbik are homophobic, turning people against gays.

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Source: Partizán, Telex, Blikk

  1. Oi,
    Why corrupting children? When they watch a movie where a man and a women love each other, that is not corrupting / promoting for hetero – love?
    Why is that not harmful for the souls of children?

  2. This bill is just another in a long and growing list of decisions that the present Government of Hungary have “signed off” on that is DAMAGEING the brand name Hungary.
    Citizens must look at the wide broad picture of PROBLEMS that this present Government have placed Hungary in a situation that has scolded tarnished and damaged the reputation of this country.
    The ongoing Escalating and deepening problems with the European Union and with Great Britain and the United States of America and the Vatican – to name just a few major relationships that are extremely FRAGILE with Hungary.
    Citizens of Hungary continue to display their total disapproval of the growing Chinese / Hungarian relationship.
    Who are our friends of any substance and reliability – that GLOBALLY – are respected ?
    This question answered as “have to think about that one and get back to you” – continues to be an ongoing deepening problem created by the present Government.
    Hungary – we can’t stand alone.
    Hungary we need FRIENDS – not enemies continuing to grow – through the style and dogma – ideas and philosophies of the present Government that has and continues to DAMAGE – the brand name Hungary.
    National Elections – May 2022 – post 1989 – without DOUBT – the most IMPORTANT elections to be HELD – that will determine the FUTURE of Hungary – under what Political Party, we as citizens wish our country to be Governed.
    Citizens of Hungary by the POWER of their Right to Vote – under Democracy, what do we want ?
    What style of Government – do we want ?
    Democracy – the freedom of speech giving the right of citizens a VOICE and being permitted under Democracy to take a position – that objects to a Government “bill” or direction – and feel safe not suppressed – hounded down nor stigmatized/labelled and threatened – with Legal actions and sanctions – that are NOT part of DEMOCRACY but are Dictatorial, in method and functionality.
    The future of Hungary – is in it’s citizens hands and what a CHALLENGE that is.
    The age bracket of Hungarians – population 9.6 million – that BURDENS the vast bulk in the future of Hungary post May 2022 is those born 1976 and after.
    History – Memories – 13 years of age in 1989 – Remember and stories we were told – then 1989 on – “supposed” Democracy – what do we want as the Future of Hungary ???
    The Power of the Citizens – VOTE – freely uninhibited that through rightful use of the Democratic Principles and Process – bring a RIGHTFUL victor – that we citizens of Hungary – can support and Celebrate.

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