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Visegrád, February 16 (MTI) – Lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats party alliance unanimously support the candidacy of incumbent President Janos Ader for another five-year term, Fidesz group leader János Kósa said on Thursday.  The parliamentary group of the opposition Socialist Party has decided to nominate former ombudsman László Majtényi as their candidate for Hungary’s next president.

The parliamentary vote is expected to be held on March 13 but the final decision on the date will be made by Speaker László Kövér, Kósa told the press in Visegrád where the ruling parties are holding a three-day meeting.

The deputies also supported the initiative that in case there are two presidential candidates, both should be given a chance to address parliament before the vote, he said.

They also decided to support Gyula Bándi’s election for the post of deputy ombudsman for future generations in a parliamentary vote scheduled for next Tuesday.

Socialists nominate former ombudsman for president

At a press conference held on the sidelines of a group meeting, Socialist chair Gyula Molnár referred to Majtényi as a politician committed to the idea of “the fourth Hungarian republic”.

“Freedom must be regained”, Majtényi said at the press conference, and insisted that the government had eliminated “the freedom of the country, of the people” leaving nothing but “the last morsels of autonomy”.

Source: MTI

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