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Fidesz’s mayors hold conference on migration, ‘Soros plan’

Fidesz’s mayors hold conference on migration, ‘Soros plan’

Fidesz’s mayors of local authorities held a conference on Friday in Budapest to discuss illegal migration, decry the so-called “Soros plan” and express support for the government’s migration policy.

The conference was initiated by Kaposvár mayor Károly Szita, of the ruling Fidesz party.

In his opening speech, Szita said that

2018 would be a “crucial” year as “Brussels seeks to have the mandatory resettlement quotas accepted by each country by summer and speed up family reunification.”


The eight contributors, seven of whom were mayors and members of Fidesz or the co-ruling Christian Democrats, agreed in rejecting migration and the EU’s mandatory resettlement quota scheme, citing dangers to public safety, women’s equality and “parallel societies”.

Approving an appeal, the participants called on the government to initiate laws, if need be, “to counter the ‘Soros Plan’ and the agencies organising migration”.

Activists of the opposition Együtt party protested against the conference on the spot.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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