Berlin, 2017. július 16. Martin Schulz, a német szociáldemokrata párt (SPD) kancellárjelöltje ismerteti a Németország és az EU jövõjérõl szóló pártprogramot az SPD berlini székházában 2017. július 16-án. Németországban szeptember 24-én tartanak szövetségi parlamenti választásokat.(MTI/EPA/Felipe Trueba)

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz firmly rejects recent “rude remarks and threats” by Martin Schulz, Germany’s chancellor candidate and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, whom the party’s communications chief called “left-liberal advocates of the Soros scheme in western Europe”.

Balázs Hidvéghi told a press conference on Tuesday that both Germany and Austria are in the midst of an election campaign and “the Left is not doing well in either country”. He suggested that the “rude attacks” may have been launched “in compensation for a lack of political success or frustration”.

Schulz and Kern “do not believe in a Europe of nations” but are supporters of a “delirious ideal in which nations are erased and European bureaucracy dictates how they should live their lives”, Hidveghi insisted. They are working to “bring masses of immigrants to Europe”, thus promoting US billionaire George Soros’ “scheme” and “attack anyone that are against those plans”, Hungary included, he added.

Hungary’s Fidesz rejects “messages in such manner” from western Europe and protests that “failed and frustrated Leftist politicians” should “attack” Hungary and other EU members “to serve an ideal which goes against the will of the people and the interests of nations”, Hidvéghi said.

The official insisted that Europe’s “ill-advised” immigration policy has caused a serious security crisis in Europe, involving a “constant threat of terrorism” in western European countries. He added that an influx of “masses with a different bacground and culture, rejecting European rules” would lead to serious social tension in the medium or long term.

The Socialists said in reaction that it was time Fidesz realised that its critiques were not all leftist liberals and that its own political group within the bloc finds Viktor Orbán “embarrassing”. Orbán overestimated his own abilities when he thought he could “establish the same system” in the EU that he uses in Hungary, the party said in a statement . Fidesz does not deign to give explanations any more when they are called out on failing to uphold European values, all they do is cite George Soros and his “plan”, the statement said.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Felipe Trueba

Source: MTI

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  1. These two ‘Chance leaders’, should be taken on a riverboat cruise down the Danube and taught to swim in the deep end.

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