The ruling parties welcome the launch of a climate protection action plan and offer all their support for its implementation, ruling Fidesz lawmaker László Böröcz said on Wednesday.

He told a press conference that the ruling parties trusted the left-wing would also support the action plan because

“instead of empty words real action is needed” in climate protection.

Fidesz refuses to accept the left-wing arguments from Brussels to use climate protection as an excuse for raising utility fees and food prices while reducing cohesion funding to Hungary, he added.

Everybody must act to protect the environment and the price of climate protection should be paid by companies and countries that cause the most pollution instead of the Hungarian people, he said.

In response to a question, he described Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent memorandum to the European People’s Party as a proposal to achieve improvements and said it concerned the direction that the party group should take in order to become an unavoidable force in Europe.

Fidesz believes the EPP must strengthen its centre-right orientation to achieve this, he added.

Source: MTI

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  1. Interesting. He also has a plan. Local governments will be forced to do. Opponents solve this problem. And won’t get money.

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