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Findings on the Hungarian football academies

Findings on the Hungarian football academies

The leaders of the Hungarian football academies have received a certificate which evaluates their expertise in managing the development of the upcoming Hungarian football generation. Last year, the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) asked the independent Belgian firm Double Pass to assess the work being done in the Hungarian football academies. The verdict as summarized by MLSZ is devastating, reported.

The leaders of the academies have been classified according to three distinct grading policies. After the first year’s audit, the second year was devoted to assess the professionalism – or lack of professionalism – of the coaches, academy leaders, club managers and executives concerned, since it is now their responsibility to set the standards and assess the development of the young players in the football centres they represent.

Six of the participants received the weakest classification. The list of names falling into this category includes the followings ones:

Imre Kenyeres (Puskás Academy)
László Török (Kecskemét Football Academy)
János Gyõri (Pécsi MFC)
Józef Ott (Pécsi MFC)
Árpád Trakperger (Újpest FC)


Most of the participants fall into the middle-ground category. The list of names includes the followings ones:

Ferenc Bene (Diósgyõri VTK)
László Domonyai (MTK Budapest)
Attila Dragóner (Ferencvárosi TC)
Zsolt Flórián (Gyõri ETO FC)
Zsolt Fuhrmann (Diósgyõri VTK)
Csaba Gémesi (Kaposvári Rákóczi FC)
András Herczeg (Debrecen Football Academy)
József Keller (Ferencvárosi TC)
Norbert Kovács (former executive of Vasas)
István Sallói (Kecskeméti TE)
József Tajti (Puskás Academy)
Miklós Tóth (Illés Academy)
Frigyes Tuboly (Vasas Academy)
Ottó Vincze (Gyõri ETO FC)

The participants achieving excellent classification includes nine names. Apart from the names of the most eminent ones, the list also includes the results measured in percentage:

Zsolt Tamási: 88 % (Sándor Károly Football Academy MTK)
Vince Herczeg: 90 % (Budapest Honvéd FC)
Gábor Neumann: 91 % (Nyíregyháza Spartcaus FC)
Bálint Pacsi: 91 % (Szombathelyi Haladás)
Zoltán Szalánczi: 91 % (Debreceni VSC)
Károly Németh: 95 % (Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC)
László Marik: 96 % (Békéscsaba 1912 Elõre SE)
Jasper de Muijnckkel: 96 % (Budapest Honvéd FC)
Péter Jakab: 98 % (Békécsaba 1912 Elõre SE)

The audit by the Belgian football consultancy Double Pass concerning the individual technical functioning of football academies in Hungary was proposed by Pál Dárdai, who is currently the head coach of the Hungarian national football team.

Although the MLSZ had wanted to keep the results of the first audit in secret, earlier revealed them. According to the news portal, there was good reason for the secrecy, as the famous Ferenc Puskás Academy backed by Viktor Orbán was ranked ninth out of twelve. This is the same academy that, according to the prime minister, was among the top ten in Europe. “We have one of the best academies in Europe,” Orban said.

The first Double Pass report unveiled the most problematic areas. The list is disconcerting: “No trainers who specialize in developing particular skills”, “Recruiting is done on a part-time basis”, “Psychological coaching is sorely wanting”, “Significantly inferior to other European academies”, and it goes on and on for 134 pages.

The details of the findings proved that things can be improved, thus Double Pass continues its work, and a new academy ranking is scheduled to be revealed in April 2016, which will show who – and to what extent – has taken the advice of the football consultancy firm, and how much of the material learned has been applied.

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translated by Gábor Hajnal

Photo: MTI



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