Sándor Sheer, the owner of the fast-food chain’s Hungarian branch, is going to expand the McDonald’s chain in Hungary. A new restaurant could be opened as early as 2020 in the town of Gödöllő. The works have already started next to Dózsa György Road, which is an important route in Budapest’s transportation system.

According to Forbes, the plans are to open the venue for guests by 2020, in no other place than Gödöllő. There will not only be the option of sitting in the restaurant, but drive-through will also be possible. 

The new addition to the restaurant chain will be the 7th venue in Hungary where costumers can meet the “Experience of the Future” concept.

The most visible part of the new concept is that costumers can make their order at touch-screen electric kiosks, and their order will be taken straight to their table. This way, costumers will have full control over how they order products and how they pay for them. 

The drive-through option is also going to be made faster and more convenient for customers, with the help of creating two lanes. The design of the restaurant will see some innovation, too, as both the outer and inner décor of the building will follow new, international plans.

The role of the new owner

It was announced in February this year that the responsibilities of the Hungarian leg of the American restaurant chain will be taken over by one of the richest Hungarians, Sándor Sheer. The estimated price he paid for the transaction is 16-18 billion forints (EUR 49,104,000-55,242,000).

The company is doing well, with last year bringing in about 34 billion forints (EUR 104,346,000). However, competition is getting more and more intense with the presence of the up-and-coming venues of the Hungarian street food market, such as Zing, which offers hand-crafted burgers.

Since the takeover, a series of developments have already started. In July this year, they launched the pilot program of a home delivery service, which is planned to be extended to cover the entire country.

In 2018, Sheer, the new owner, was featured on Forbes‘s list in 48th place, with a fortune of 21.8 billion forints (EUR 66,817,000). Among others, he is the co-owner of the Clark Hotel, located on the Buda side of the Chain Bridge. He and his wife own the Ferris wheel on Elisabeth Square. Moreover, he is also connected to the new office building near MOM Park.










Source: forbes.hu

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