Without a doubt, Hungary is full of wonderful treasures which are worth visiting and exploring. From the Lake Balaton to the fantastic hills, villages, wine regions, caves, and other locations, everyone can find the most suitable destination in the country. But some places in the country are definitely among the top five best destinations while they are not among the most popular destinations with foreign people.

Erdőbénye Lake

The village of Erdőbénye has 1,600 inhabitants and is located 20 km north from Tokaj in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. Its unique lake with crystal clear water is located next to the 230 meters high Mulató-mountain in the northern region of the country. With the magnificent water, fantastic scenery and crystal-clear air, this area in Hungary is definitely a must if you are keen on hiking and enjoy exploring new places.

Erdőbénye, lake, Hungary, treasure
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Tarn of Megyer-mountain

This unusual sight is located next to Sárospatak (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County). This site is considered to be the most beautiful one in Hungary, so it’s worth visiting. The breathtaking lake is not easy to reach, but it is a fantastic experience. After taking an approximately 15-minute walk on Malomkő trail, you can enjoy the unique view and scenery the lake has. While walking, trailers bump into several small boards on which one can read about the essential information about the region and the lake.

Megyer hegyi tengerszem, Hungary, treasure
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Kányavári Island

This particular island is located in the region of Kis-Balaton (on the western side of Lake Balaton) which is an important and protected natural area of the country and the “Hungarian sea”. Kányavári Island, with its iconic wooden bridge, is the only location of this area which can be visited without a tourist guide. The marked trail, which starts with the bridge, is 1.5 km long and takes approximately 1.5 hours to walk through it. During our trip, we can learn and even – if we are lucky – see the rare birds of the Kis-Balaton region.

Kányavári-sziget, Hungary, treasure
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This unique natural phenomenon is located not far away from Villány (Baranya County), which is one of the most prestigious wine regions of Hungary. The name of the sight consists of two words: ördög (devil) and árok (ditch). According to a local legend, this location not far from the village was born by the hands of the devil who created the whole area. Today, this special location gives place to excellent Hungarian vineyards and cellars.

Ördögárok, Hungary, treasure
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Located on the Hungarian and Austrian border in Vas County, this mountain is the tallest point of the Kőszeg-mountain range with 882 meters. With this height, this is the 44th tallest point of the country. The mountain is first mentioned in written documents from the 14th century under the name Fenyő-mountain. In the 17th century, the mountain was named Szálkő and later got its final name. In Hungarian language, írott means written and kő means stone – although there is no logical connection in the name. There are several trails and bicycle routes from where you can see incredible sights.

Írott-kő, Hungary, treasure
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Source: Daily News Hungary

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