No, it’s not the beginning of an awful joke. writes that, as the Hungarian Krisztián Sinkó is in Miami preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, he got to spend some time with the professional pugilist, Floyd Mayweather.

According to the site, the lifestyle of Sinkó and Mayweather are hardly similar, even though he is an amazing pugilist, the American apparently appreciates drugs and alcohol, which doesn’t really make him a role model.

They were at a party in a strip club where he spent six thousand dollars on the dancers. Sinkó said that, unfortunately, he couldn’t take a photo with Mayweather, but got a high five and his girlfriend also got two kisses on the cheek from him.

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Sinkó is a Junior European Championship bronze medallist, who moved to the US. His father said that, thanks to luck and God, he found a dusty little gym where, by the way, the bests of Florida practice.

He asked for an opportunity, but was only laughted at. Then, he was almost begging just for one opportunity, which eventually resulted in six and the opportunity, as Jorge Rubio, coach legend offered to work with him even for free.

The 21-year-old Sinkó told the site that he had six coaches in Hungary, but not even their work altogether can be compared to the Cuban trainer. If things go well for the Hungarian, he will fight with the Champion of Miami three months from now.

Provided he wins, he gets to go further, and might compete for the title of World Champion. And then may fulfil his great dream of listening to the National Anthem from the top of the podium at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


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