Budapes (MTI) – If European leaders had listened to Hungary a year ago, the migrant crisis would not have escalated to the point that it has, Hungary’s foreign minister told MTI on Friday.

Péter Szijjártó responded to comments German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel made to German public television channel ARD. The German politician said the migrant crisis had escalated because Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had decided not to observe the European Union’s asylum laws and refused to take in refugees. Gabriel said that it was because of the Hungarian government’s migrant policy that Germany decided it was better for them to take in refugees than to leave them stranded.

Gabriel said it was Orbán’s violation of EU law that led to the crisis and not Germany’s decision to take in migrants. He said the only error Germany made in its handling of Europe’s migrant inflow was that it had overestimated other European leaders’ willingness to share the burden of resolving the crisis. If one million migrants would have been distributed among EU member states, nothing would have changed, the vice chancellor said.

Szijjártó said in response that “certain European leaders still try to paint false claims as reality.” Contrary to Gabriel’s claims, not only did Hungary not violate EU laws, but it is the only country that observes EU regulations by protecting the Schengen zone’s external borders, he said.

The minister said Hungary was always willing to admit genuine refugees but believes that people who leave so-called safe countries like Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia or Austria to get to Germany are not refugees but illegal economic migrants. “Hungary refuses to admit illegal economic migrants,” he insisted.

Szijjártó said more and more countries are beginning to realise that Hungary’s solution to the crisis is the only viable one.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

  1. Over the past few months, I have been watching with great interest developments in the so-called ‘refugee crisis’.

    It was VERY REASSURING to note that Viktor Orban has FINALLY called a REFERENDUM to ask the citizens of Hungary whether THEY want a ‘mandatory quota’ of migrants imposed on Hungary !

    I would be VERY SURPRISED if more than 10 – 15% of Hungarians agree with the INSANE SUGGESTION made by the Pink Poodles in Brussels (on leashes tightly held by their German mistress).

    Be that as it may, it is MOST perplexing why have other European leaders have NOT followed the lead of Viktor Orban and asked the citizens of THEIR respective nations what should be done concerning this so-called ‘crisis’ .

    I suspect that those ‘leaders’ are PETRIFIED of what their people might really want..

    The ONLY E.U. nations that are showing any SENSE and SOLIDARITY in this entire mess are the ‘VISEGRAD NATIONS’ (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) who have CONTINUALLY said ‘NEM’ (or its equivalent) to the CRAZINESS brought on by Merkel’s lapse into insanity.

    The citizens of the V4 nations are all FULLY AWARE of the long-term implications of allowing MILLIONS of these so-called ‘refugees’ into their countries (yet alone the E.U.) – one only has to look at recent events in Istanbul, Cologne and Paris, yet alone previous terror attacks in London and other cities.

    It is NOT possible – nor will it EVER be possible – to ‘integrate’ these so-called ‘refugees’ into Western (European) societies.

    Accordingly, the citizens of European countries will SUFFER in many ways because of the UNILATERAL DECISIONS made by certain individuals.

    Concerning the recent comments from the German Vice Chancellor – Herr Gabriel – that Hungary is to blame for the recent migrant ‘crisis’, may I SUGGEST that he ALSO go to the same psychiatric clinic featured in “ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST” and undergo similar treatment to that performed on Jack Nicholson (i.e. a TEMPORAL LOBOTOMY).

    The present ‘refugee crisis’ is ENTIRELY DUE to the STUPIDITY of ONE person – Angela Merkel – who made her now INFAMOUS comments welcoming certain refugees to Germany (NOT EUROPE !!!!).

    SHE created the problem (for Germany) & SHE must now solve it WITHOUT involving the rest of Europe.

    Austria has effectively closed its borders, as has Denmark, as has Sweden, as has the United Kingdom.

    The dominos are now falling and it will very soon become a GERMAN PROBLEM – as Viktor Orban said early last year !

    In the meantime, Herr Gabriel, please do NOT try to blame Hungary for the mess created by Angela Merkel.

    Unlike Ms. Merkel, Viktor Orban is a TRUE leader who is trying not only to protect his country but also the long-term interests of Europe.

  2. Not Hungary but Germany is in trouble,consequently, the way Germany choose how to
    handle the influx of migrants was wrong and still continuing being wrong because
    Merkel has no workable ideas and plans how to overcome the situation.

  3. Merkel is an absolute lunatic if she thinks everybody will just bend to her will. Is her end game civil war in Germany & the rest of Europe? How did she even rise to power in Germany? She is a complete twit. She deserves to be raped by one of her so-called refugees like the women in germany & other parts of Europe did. Hungary & Hungarians will not be swayed by political correctness because those trying to enforce that usually have evil alterior motives.

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