Brussels, December 1 (MTI) – As Hungary is committed to maintaining its support for Afghanistan’s stability, it will continue to station 113 troops there and contribute half a million US dollars a year to the costs of the NATO mission in the coming two years, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told a NATO ministerial session in Brussels on Tuesday.

If need be, Hungary is prepared to prolong its contribution for the consecutive years, too, he said.

The more stable Afghanistan is the fewer immigrants head off to Europe, he said.

Hungary will give the NATO mission every possible help to stabilise Afghanistan and prevent migration, the minister said.

The ministers are examining how NATO can get involved in operations against the Islamic State terrorist organisation and strengthen stability in the Middle East and north Africa. One way would be to strengthen the defence capabilities of partner countries in the region, he said. Hungary is contributing to the latter effort by training Jordanian bomb demolition experts, Szijjarto said.

Photo: MTI


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