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Speeding up coronavirus vaccination is in Hungary’s national interest, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told public broadcaster Kossuth Radio on Sunday morning.

The accreditation of vaccines falls under the purview of experts of Hungary’s pharmaceutical authority rather than politicians or parties, Szijjártó said. Currently, nearly 100 people with coronavirus infection die every day in Hungary, while the loss incurred by the Hungarian economy comes to 10-15 billion forints (EUR 29-45m) daily, he said.

By speeding up vaccination efforts, the government is protecting people’s lives and livelihoods, he said.

Regarding the agreement to import Russian vaccines, which he signed on Friday, Szijjártó said Hungary will receive enough of Sputnik V to inoculate one million people. The vaccine will arrive in three phases, he said.

Szijjártó compared the race for vaccines to last spring’s rush for ventilators, protective gear and masks. Now, “the whole world is trying to buy safe and effective vaccines,” he said. The vaccines, however, are only available in small quantities and manufacturing is lagging, he said. Meanwhile, people are dying and the restrictions threaten jobs every day, he said.

Russia has also agreed with Turkey on the local manufacturing of Sputnik V, Szijjártó said. “A southern neighbour of ours” had sent a delegation at the same time Hungarian experts studied the production process in Russia, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had “promised help” in accrediting the Russian vaccine in Europe, Szijjártó said.

Today, the question is whether the vaccine will be available quickly or only in a few months in large quantities, whether countries can inoculate their citizens or “they have to look on as people die and jobs are lost,” the minister said.

Meanwhile, Hungary has also “done everything in its political and diplomatic power” in China too, he said. An agreement has already been drafted, to be signed when the drug authority allows the use of the Chinese vaccine, just as it was with the Russian and British vaccines, he added.

He said tens of millions of people had already been vaccinated in China and this vaccine had also been used for mass inoculation in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrein. Szijjártó said he had talked to the foreign ministers of both countries, who said the results were satisfactory, and Hungarian experts also spent days in China studying the production site. According to the report, the Chinese technology and the expertise of the people involved in the manufacturing, development and research is beyond reproach, he said.

On another topic, Szijjártó called EU Commissioner Vera Jourova’s remarks “shameful and disgraceful”, as she earlier said that Hungary would be deprived of money if it did not follow the rule of law conditions outlined by the European Commission.

At a time of pandemic, when people die and lose their jobs every day, “European bureaucrats with plum salaries from EU taxpayers’ money would do better to help European countries save as many lives and jobs as possible rather than pursue witch-hunts against some member states,” the minister said.

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Source: MTI

  1. Trepidation reading this article of comments made by Foreign Minister – Peter Syijjarto.
    Statements and undertakings that refer to Angela Merkel – Chancellor of Germany do appear from Szijjarto vastly different from the position she adapts and stated as recently as Thursday 21st January 2021- last week.
    Merkel stated :
    “Epidemiologic the European Union is one Region she said, calling for equivalent measures to Fight the Virus across the Bloc”.
    Merkel went on to state – ” This pandemic is the Disaster of the Century.”
    Merkel also addressed in her statement, concerns about the International inequality of vaccine distribution access, across the World, stating that the International cooperation will be Key to ending this pandemic.
    Merkel spoke about the danger of the mutations of the Virus and said genome sequencing of new variants would be the main topic of discussion at the European video conference on Thursday 21st January 2021.
    Merkel did not pass comment publicly to my knowledge as Szijjarto stated that she has given an undertaking to assist in the approval of the Russian Sputnik V – “supposed” Vaccine.
    Merkel is the Bloc – the Shaker and Mover, and for her to make comments as claimed by Szijjarto would be quite outside her Political way and style of handling matters, especially dealing with the Country of Russia.
    Merkel states she wants the bloc united in agreement to fight this – “Disaster of the Century.”
    Hungary would be best advised to stay aligned and supportive to the bloc, and the ideas and thoughts to purchase vaccines – not approved by the European Union – for immunization of its Citizens, remove this thought process entirely from present Governments agenda items.
    Russian and Chinese – table before the citizens of Hungary approved Medical Science Documentation, under the required procedures and practice needed for approving by The European Union, that supports the process of human immunization of vaccines from these two country’s.
    If we proceed with the vaccines from Russia and China – it could be cataclysmic, the aftermath of the immunization of Hungarians using either or both of these unrecognizable not approved by World Institutes of Medical Science for Human Vaccine inoculation.
    Hungary – take Angela Merkel’s advise, and be in the bloc – not out on a Dangerous limp that would have ramifications that would not be in the interest of Hungary.

  2. Hungary thinking of using the Russian Sputnik V “unproven” version of a vaccine and the deal is on the table for the “unproven” Chinese vaccine version, what a Dangerous Humanitarian and Economic Strategy to embark on.
    Globally the Chinese version what 50-50 percent success rate of effective Immunization recorded ???
    Russian “cocktail” no statistical data been universally released on there version.
    Dangerous for Hungary to go it alone, outside the European Union procedures of vaccine approvals.
    If the Russian and Chinese vaccines are the “real thing” have them approved by the Medical and Scientific Body of The European Union who are “charged with” the approval of vaccines for Human Inoculation.
    Hungary if they do not make transparent this level of approval, is leaving itself in a highly vulnerable position in its relationship with The European Union but of greater importance the citizens of Hungary who’s lives and future they are playing and signing off on.
    The Government of Hungary must table present Nationally – signed off and approved Medical Science Reports – in direct line to the process of The European Union, as to the scientific results of the Russian and Chinese “acclaimed” vaccines.

  3. It is BAD ENOUGH that those ‘contributors’ submitting articles to “DAILY NEWS HUNGARY” under the names of ‘PAUL R. BAIN’ (deceased in 2009 !) and ‘E R. BAXTER’ (a renowned U.S. author who would NEVER use such ABYSMAL English !) STOLE identities in order to write their rambling and disjointed utterances, but the contents are so PONTIFICAL in nature that one would think a church service was in progress and these comments were coming from a knowledgeable person in the pulpit.

    In reality, both these so-called ‘contributors’ make statements which are either FALSE and / or DEFAMATORY, in the crazy belief that uninformed readers will believe their written ‘bovine faeces’.

    It is obvious that the contents of ANY articles from these two ‘contributors’ is no more factual than the false names under which these have been submitted for publication – LIES, LIES, LIES.

  4. Identity Theft.
    If these individuals write under a pseudonym they would not be the first.
    Did you know that Agatha Christie wrote six novels under the pseudonym name Mary Westmacott.
    Check Wikipedia search under List of Pseudonym could surprise and educate you the list and backgrounds of pseudonym historical individuals.
    Advice and comments you make on Bain and Baxter what they have written not a problem to me certainly not what you see in them.
    They appear to be written without exciting readers in untruths and references.
    Best you retained your caustic tone of commentary on others and be accepting to the opinion of others who see things differently than you and express less anger and aggression in your manner of passing comments on other human beings.

  5. ‘PAUL R. BAIN’ is a vain, ignorant idiot !

    On January 21, 2021, Angela Merkel categorically stated that Germany would offer assistance to Russia in respect to not only ‘testing’ / obtaining E.U. approval for the Sputnik V vaccine but also – pending E.U. approval of same – enter into a ‘joint venture’ with Russia for its production in Germany.

    Obviously Ms. Merkel did not feel any need to consult ‘PAUL R. BAIN’ before making that remark.

  6. ‘E R. BAXTER’ is an uneducated fraudster who is propagating ‘FAKE NEWS’.

    If he bothered to consult beyond his kindergarten primers, it would be quickly evident that the so-called ‘unproven’ Russian covid-19 vaccine has been proven effective in several countries (outside of Russia).

    But then what can be expected of such a FOOL who cannot even use the English language correctly ?

  7. ‘MARY WAINWRIGHT’ (who is probably ‘PAUL R. BAIN’ or ‘E R.BAXTER’ in ‘drag’) is WRONG.

    It is BAD ENOUGH that those supposed ‘contributors’ write in English below the ‘primary’ level.

    Furthermore, the fact that both ‘contributors’ use the names of DEAD PEOPLE / SUCCESSFUL WRITERS without bothering to obtain permission (from relatives or the actual person) is totally disgraceful !

    But the WORST THING is that both ‘contributors’ pass themselves off as experts when in reality neither present facts to support their incorrect and grossly misleading information.

    Under these circumstances, it can only be suggested that BOTH ‘contributors’ go back to school.

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