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Hungary’s foreign ministry has summoned the German embassy’s charge d’affaires over a German soccer team’s firing of a Hungarian coach because of his recent comments concerning migration and same-sex marriage.

Hertha BSC on Tuesday dismissed goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry in the wake of an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, saying that his remarks went against the team’s positions on tolerance and inclusion.

Foreign ministry state secretary Levente Magyar on Thursday voiced the Hungarian government’s “shock” that anyone could face “existential retaliation in Germany for expressing their opinion within a legal framework”.

“Like Hungary, Germany has first-hand experience from history of what it is like when the freedom of expression is repressed,” Magyar said. This, he said, meant that both countries had a duty to safeguard the right to the freedom of speech.

Hungary considers any restriction to the freedom of expression “unacceptable”, the state secretary said, arguing that the practice was reminiscent of a regime “that thousands of our compatriots died fighting”.

Magyar said Germany remained a key partner for Hungary with which it aimed to have honest discussions on important issues that affect the two countries’ shared future.

Hertha sack Hungarian goalkeeping coach over comments on migration, homosexuals
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Source: MTI

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  1. The European Council President – Charles Michel (a.k.a. Elmer Fudd) – claims that ‘freedom of expression’ is one of three KEY ‘values’ for the European Union.

    Yet a Hungarian coach has recently been SACKED by some previously-unknown German soccer team because he LAWFULLY expressed his opinions about certain matters of importance to him.

    What gives, Elmer ?

    The way it appears to me is that all Europeans can enjoy ‘freedom of expression’ so long as it complies with ‘diktats from Brussels’, promulgated by the ‘liberal (read socialist = communist) left’.

    Tamas Deutsch was obviously correct when he compared the European Commission – and its various bureaucratic branches – with Josef Stalin’s POLITBURO.

    Welcome to Communism Mark 2 – the only difference is that all important decisions are made in Brussels, not Moscow.

    By the way, Elmer, the OTHER E.U. President was sure shown the ‘middle finger’ by Turkey, wasn’t she ?

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