Budapest, October 25 (MTI) – Hungary’s foreign ministry on Tuesday said it had summoned Russia’s ambassador over what it said were “degrading” comments made on Russian state television about Hungary’s 1956 revolution.

The ministry said it would make clear to the ambassador that Hungary will not tolerate anyone disrespecting the revolution or its heroes.

LMP demands summoning Russia’s ambassador over state TV’s 1956 ‘pogrom’ remark

LMP noted that Dmitry Kiselov, deputy head of Russian state media, had described 1956 on air as the first “colour revolution”, for which the western powers, primarily the United States, were responsible.

LMP also chided the opposition Socialist party’s Szofia Havas for derogatory comments about 1956 in the same programme, and called on the party to exclude her from its ranks.


Source: MTI

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