buzzfeed people try hungarian food

Do you remember the first time you tried traditional Hungarian meals? How did you like them? Could you pronounce their names? Well, the king of witty videos, BuzzFeed arranged a Hungarian food-tasting session for a few foreigners who had never tried our delicacies before. Take a look at their facial expressions as the matchless flavours overwhelm their gustatory buds 🙂

It seems like the young adults got a satisfying taste of our gastronomy. Their biggest struggle was trying to pronounce the names of the meals, which was quite adorable. One of the participants even commented that these names sound like Game of Thrones characters. The video has only been up on their Facebook page for a few days, but it has already been viewed over a million times. Watch how foreigners react to goulash soup, stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikás and plum dumplings 🙂

Source: Buzzfeed

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