Former individual candidates of the party called the Allies of Maria Seres (SMS) can receive up to two years imprisonment. 29 of them were interrogated as suspects – newspaper Magyar Nemzet reports. Allegedly, they did not cooperate in the accounting of campaign expenses. However, it is not known why the party is not impeached because of the 5 million HUF per candidate they received, wrote.

According to Magyar Nemzet each of the 67 candidates of the party can be arrested in the future. The suspicion is based on section 363 of the Penal Code, which is about the breach of obligations related to the State Audit Office. The law says, among others, that those who breach the contribution obligations can receive up to 2 years of imprisonment.

Jozsef Kapas, who ran in the 3rd individual constituency in Szolnok, recalled how the State Audit Office previously investigated the party’s use of money. Candidates can spend not only one million forints as before, but an additional HUF 4 million can also be spent. Still, most of the candidates renounced it in favor of the party. According to Kapas, the party now argues that their candidates have to be called to account, who never confirmed how they spent the money. He told they had nothing to do with the 4 million, but the party still blames them.

Additional candidates also told why they were called for accountability.

Magyar Nemzet also wanted to ask the party, but they could not reach party chairman Maria Seres. There were also some problems with the HUF 1 million state aids given to the candidates. In last year’s parliamentary election, 8 of the 67 candidates did not or could not (due to a technical error) renounce the 1 million forint amount in favor of the party.

According to, there is debt collection on the accounts of several candidates, although the party promised it would vouch for all of its candidates. This is important because the law states that those who do not get at least 2% of the votes have to pay back the state aid afterwards. Since most of the SMS candidates did not reach the percentage, seven people is already called to pay it back, while the party is not vouching for them.

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