Gyurcsány opposition protest
Budapest, 2018. szeptember 18. Gyurcsány Ferenc, a Demokratikus Koalíció (DK) elnöke, volt szocialista miniszterelnök beszédet mond a párt Utcára, európai magyarok! címmel meghirdetett kormányellenes demonstrációján a belvárosi Kossuth Lajos tér és Alkotmány utca sarkánál 2018. szeptember 18-án. MTI Fotó: Máthé Zoltán

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) staged a demonstration urging “resistance” to government policies on Tuesday afternoon, in the aftermath of the European Parliament adopting the Sargentini report that criticised the state of the rule of law in Hungary last week.

“Hungary is under dictatorial rule,” DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány said at the event near Parliament. Resistance, he said, should be aimed at “nothing less” than holding a general election under new and fair rules.

Gyurcsány, a former prime minister, called for a fight so that the incumbent government should find its “rightful place, namely the hell of Hungarian history.”

He told the crowd of a few hundred people that ruling Fidesz had exerted full control over Hungary’s banking system, public prosecution and the courts, and had taken possession over what has remained of state-owned arable land. It has also put education, health care and churches under its full control, and eliminated press freedom, Gyurcsány said. He also accused Fidesz of having established a new election system under “a one-party dictate”.

“This is not the will of the people but a consequence of Fidesz’s deceitfulness,” Gyurcsány said.

DK wants to help people in taking to the streets to say “this is enough, we want no more of this!”, he said, adding that the party would submit several amendment proposals to correct laws concerning measures criticised in the Sargentini report.

Addressing the crowd, Csaba Molnár, the deputy leader of DK, said that “in a dictatorship it is not just the right, but the duty of the people to send a regime packing if it governs the country by ignoring the will of the people”.

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Source: MTI

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