Berlin, July 11 (MTI) – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accused the European Commission of causing the crisis that plagues the European Union and called on member states to take power back from Brussels, conservative German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said on Monday.

Orbán said Brexit is one of the proofs of the commission’s failure. “Idealising the European plan” must come to an end, he said.

He cited the opening of borders to migrants as one of the reasons for the EU crisis. Additionally, some member states were allowed free reign to break budget deficit rules with the EC’s “silent approval”, he said.

The two most important European achievements are in danger: the common currency and the unified internal market, Orbán said.

By closing its borders to migrants, Hungary has helped save the European model and the European way of living, he added.

Read the full article (in German) HERE.

Opposition Együtt party leader Viktor Szigetvári accused Orban of fearmongering and creating straw-man enemies. He said the Prime Minister was giving the wrong answer to the European Union’s crisis by blaming the European Commission. He said the real solution would include a mix of stricter border controls, a standardised migration system, a mandatory quota scheme, solidarity, and managing crises in non-European neighbouring countries.

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Source: MTI

  1. Does V. Szigetvari live in a real world? Theories are great when it does not apply to real people. Why would any good politician agree to create more burden on the Hungarian tax payer by settling them with people who literally dirtied the country?
    The problem of migrants on the Serbian border is Serbia’s problem. The migrants should go through Slovenia. The Hungarian border is closed, not a difficult concept..

  2. So a “Standardized” illegal migration system? leading to an forced mandatory illegal quota scheme? is going to bring ‘Solidarity in Hungary or any other Euro nation? Hungary should manage other nations crisis in non-european neighboring countries? Is that too not illegal???
    Is this Együtt party leader Viktor Szigetvári [email protected](k#d!!! Yes he is. Any idiot voting in this party should be collected with the rest of these banditos made to perform community work the next 10 years for their stupid non-sense, disruption, tax payer expense, and just being a general vermin.

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