reports that Freddie, who represents Hungary, made it to the Grand Finals of Eurovision Song Contest 2016. His performance on Tuesday (May 10) at the Semi-Final convinced the audience that he shall be there in the Final.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest is held in Stockholm, Sweden, with the motto “Come Together” that illustrates how the event is a friendly and united competition of the European countries. The winner of last year’s Eurovision was also hosting the event, and the performances went down rather well and quickly: there were not many interruptions.

The site writes that the performers seemed to have prepared really similar shows, highlighting that 70% of the songs resemble the previous winning Eurovision songs perfectly, even Freddie’s Pioneer may be mentioned as such. However, there were not many male singers, while the female singers’ performances could have been seen very similar to each other.

Aside the Hungarian Freddie 17 performances were involved in the first Semi-Final altogether, including San Marino, and Croatia, for the first time after 3 years. Of them 10 gained qualification to the Grand Final. The list of the 10 can be found on the official site of Eurovision, where Azerbaijan, Russia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta are lined up as the first acts to get to the Final.

Furthermore, on short statements of the contestants are shared. Freddie said at the winners’ press conference that “We were all thrilled, we did everything we could. We brought all the energy we had – that is how our song works. I hope a lot of you could feel that. I did what I could to raise the Hungarian flag as high as I could.” He further added that it is a huge honour for him to represent his country and hopes that the Hungarians are proud of him and his team, but they “still have a lot to do until Saturday”.

Also, found it important to note that Médiaklikk streamed the event well, both picture and audio worked without problems, making it possible for the online viewers to follow the event perfectly. Next time we shall have our fingers crossed is Saturday, in the first half of the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

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