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Budapest, January 19 (MTI) – Member of the National Assembly of France Rudy Salles lauded Hungary for its efforts in protecting as an EU member the bloc’s external Schengen border, in an interview with MTI on Thursday.

Salles, head of the Assembly’s French-Hungarian Friendship Chapter, is paying a visit to Budapest leading a delegation.

Hungary is protecting an important Schengen border section which is an enormous task because of the massive wave of migrants, he said.

With the abolishment of border controls among EU member states within the Schengen zone, the task before Europe is to strengthen the protection of its external borders, Salles said. Hungary, in this respect, is a frontline country performing outstandingly, he added.

He urged joint efforts by member states in protecting Europe’s borders.

Salles, who also serves as deputy mayor of Nice, said that a terrorist attack such as the one carried out in his city last summer could take place at any time anywhere else, which was why he said countries must join forces in fighting against Islamic terrorism.

“Europe still has a lot more to do in this respect,” he said.

Salles called for “total war” against the Islamic State terrorist organisation in the Middle East in united efforts by the US, Russia and the European Union.

Source: MTI

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