Cannes, 2017. május 22. Ieva Aleksandrova-Eklone szlovák színésznõ, a szlovák származású Kristóf György rendezõ és Ieva Norvele Kristof szlovák színésznõ (b-j) az Out címû filmjük bemutatójának alkalmából tartott fotózáson a 70. Cannes-i Nemzetközi Filmfesztiválon 2017. május 22-én. (MTI/EPA/Sebastien Nogier)

György Kristóf’s film, Out, was screened on Monday as part of the Cannes Festival’s Un Certain Regard programme. However, and both report that the after party ended badly, as police arrived on the scene and took some of the cast members with them.

After a film premieres in Cannes, an after party is hosted for the crew members, press, and others, who are invited, though this particular one had a bad ending. On Tuesday morning the director, Kristóf, sent a letter to Index, claiming that police took him, the Slovakian producer, Marek Urban, and the sound engineer, Jan Richtr from the party and that they were kept at the police station for hours. The letter was originally intended for the programme director of the Un Certain Regard selection.

The venue for the 9000 euro party was the Villa Schweppes, which closes at 2 am, and is located at the beach. The police claims that they flew to the scene, because someone reported a fight at the front of the venue, but the director says otherwise: there was no fight, he was jumping around, and then he was simply thrown out. This is confirmed by Origo’s source, who claims that the bouncer jumped at Kristóf, because he seemed to dance to vehemently. After this, security alerted the police, who, upon arriving at the scene, found the director and his company outside.

Kristóf believes that the police broke Richtr’s arm, but this is not yet confirmed. The festival is investigating the incident, and the director’s programme for Tuesday has been delayed.

However, Out is still screened on Tuesday. The film tells the story of a Slovakian-Hungarian father (Sándor Terhes), who was recently fired and in hopes of finding a better job, heads for the Baltic states. This is György Kristóf’s directorial debut, the screenplay was under development already two years ago. The movie uses a lot of absurd humour, and its main character is played by the Hungarian Sándor Terhes, with another Hungarian crew member, Gergely Pohárnok, who was the cameraman.

György Kristóf was born in Slovakia, in Kassa, studied at the University of Miskolc, and majored in film directing at the Film and Tv School of Academy of Performing Arts, in Prague. Out is distributed by Vertigo Media, and is premiering on June 15 in Hungary.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Sebastien Nogier


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